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Should You Place An Office Desk In Your Bedroom?

Whenever I used to purchase an Office Desk, I imagined keeping it in my Bedroom. It sounds simple, yet the best idea, right?

And guess what? I did keep the Office Desk in my Bedroom.

Also, I lived in a flat with few rooms, so it was only my last and first option.

But, it was not a good idea as I went through many problems.

Placing an Office Desk in the Bedroom is not a good idea as you will likely be less productive, lazy, and unprofessional. In addition, you may go through some psychological effects.

However, I do not want to forget that placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom ensures high privacy while working.

Anyone working from home can understand better the consequences of keeping the Office Desk in the Bedroom.

Continue reading to learn why you should or should not put an Office Desk in your Bedroom and where you should put the Desk.

Reasons To Place Office Desk In Bedroom

A few advantages of keeping the Office Desk in the Bedroom are briefly explained below.

1. It Provides Privacy

I always prefer working in a quiet and private place whenever possible. And also, we might get a visit from many relatives and friends at home.

Therefore, it is not easy to maintain the same consistency while working from home unless the workspace is in your Bedroom.

Office Desk in Bedroom
Office Desk in Bedroom ensures privacy.

Thus, the Bedroom can only be productive without interruption if you do not have a separate study/working room at your home.

Therefore, it will be best if you want to be far from all noise (family gatherings, festivals, children).

2. It Saves Space

No matter your Home Office size, you want to save space for many things.

For example, the Office Desk might take up a large area; sometimes, you might give it a whole room.

If you reside in a 1bhk flat/ home or apartment, placing a work Desk in a single room might not be the best idea.

Additionally, placing your work Desk in your sleeping room saves up more space than you could imagine.

However, if you do not expect guests or friends to visit your place frequently, you can keep your Office Desk in any room you wish.

Read on to discover whether you should place the Computer in your Bedroom.

Reasons Not To Place Office Desk In Bedroom

Don’t be astounded that placing your Office Desk in the Bedroom has numerous cons rather than pros.

Some of them are explained briefly below;

1. It Makes You Less Productive

The Bedroom is the only place to get complete rest.

And if you place an Office Desk in your Bedroom, then it is for sure that you are most likely to fall asleep in no time.

According to many experts, your brain might be unable to adapt to the environment.

And to be able to differentiate between working hours and relaxation, you must control your brain.

Not only this, but it is a known fact that people tend to fall asleep whenever they find cozy Bedrooms.

Therefore, placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom might prevent us from being productive all day.

2. It Hampers Sleeping Patterns

A couple of years ago, I did find it hard to get sound sleep at night.

So, I have adopted numerous methods/remedies for many years to overcome sleep deprivation.

Then, I discovered I was facing a problem because of my working routine and space. As said before, I used to work in my Bedroom as my Office Desk was there.

Placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom reminds us that we have to work 24 hours a day, which may cause us to sleep less.

Additionally, you can get health problems. Therefore, we must not place the work Desk in our Bedroom as much as possible.

3. It Affects Your Psychology

We live in a technological era where new and advanced inventions occur as the day passes. And, without computers and laptops, we cannot think of working.

So, if we set up our Office Desk in the Bedroom, we give every technological device in the room a place.

All those devices leave psychological outcomes in our minds.

For instance, we might be thinking about websites, our work, or even social media even we close our laptops and computers.

Many experts have stated that we become psychologically attached to our work which might make our minds cluttered.

Hence, keeping the Office Desk in the Bedroom is not a good idea.

4. It Lacks Professionalism

Placing an Office Desk in the Bedroom encourages you to nap regularly.

Also, you might want to change the working position more than the Offices.

You may tend to leave work pending for hours due to your habit of moving here and there.

Additionally, you might carry out the same habit for a long time, making you unprofessional in many situations.

Is It Bad Feng Shui To Place Office Desk In Bedroom?

Before starting, let me briefly introduce what Feng Shui means.

Feng Shui, the synonym for “wind and water,” is the Chinese system/tradition of balancing a physical environment to promote harmony and well-being.

Feng Shui states that every object in the environment and nature has a specific energy that flows in.

It also says placing particular furniture, items, gadgets, and things at home is vital in generating good energy.

According to the Feng Shui, the Bedroom is designated only for sleep and relaxation. Therefore, placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom is not regarded as excellent Feng Shui.

However, many Feng Shui experts have said that placing Office Desk in the Bedroom is not entirely bad unless you follow some tips.

Feng Shui Tips and Guides To Place Office Desk in Bedroom

To achieve fortune and prosperity while working from the Bedroom, you must follow some information according to Feng Shui’s viewpoint.

Here are some of them;

  • Place your Office Desk diagonally opposite (kitty-corner) to your door. It allows you to think clearly as it gives an expansive view of your Bedroom.
  • Do not keep your work Desk that faces back to your door. As per Feng Shui beliefs, it is considered distracting.
  • Try to place your Office Desk across from the wall to your door.
  • You can keep your work Desk on the opposite wall from your entrance door.
  • Do not keep the Desk to the wall, per many Feng Shui experts. It can create a lack of creativity and concentration.

Watch the video to get more Feng Shui tips,

Read on to discover how to organize the Home Office filing system.

Where To Keep Your Office Desk In Your Bedroom?

If you want to place your Office Desk in your Bedroom, you have many options, but you must be creative simultaneously.

You can place your Office Desk in any of the locations listed below.

1. Next To Your Bed

If you have very little space in your Bedroom, keeping the Office Desk next to your bed might be a great idea.

It saves space and provides ease in reaching the Desk as soon as you wake up.

Moreover, if you find yourself lazy walking to your Desk far from your bed, it is an excellent idea.

However, I would not recommend you do so unless you set up a curtain or place cardboard to divide your Bedroom and the Office Desk.

Furthermore, placing an Office Desk next to your bed may distract you from working and make you less productive.

2. By The Window In Your Bedroom

If you have a window in your Bedroom, you can keep your work Desk by the window.

You can enjoy natural light and a great view while doing your work more creatively.

However, if you are easily distracted by what you see outside your window, you should avoid placing the Office Desk by the window.

Desk facing window
Remember to use blinds or drapes if you place your Desk directly facing the window.

3. Opposite Your Bed

Another best tip on placing your Office Desk opposite your bed.

However, remember not to face back to your entrance door, as it is regarded as bad Feng Shui.

Once you keep your work Desk opposite your bed, you can easily focus on your work.

However, placing your Office Desk opposite your bed will lessen the gap between bed and Desk making your room congested.

4. In The Corner Of Your Bedroom

If you cannot focus on work even if you try a lot, keeping your Office Desk in the corner of your Bedroom will be the best idea.

Also, if you do not believe in Feng Shui, there is nothing wrong with working in the corner of your room.

However, if you are the kind of person that prefers working in an open area, then I would not recommend you to do this.

Additionally, placing your Office Desk in the corner of your Bedroom is bad Feng Shui and does not allow you to think creatively.

Read on to discover the best ways to convert an awkward corner into the Home Office.

5. Into Your Closet

It might sound unusual and confusing, but placing the Office Desk in the closet is one of the best ideas.

To do so, one does not have to look for space in the Bedroom. Instead, you can make a place in your closet.

Isn’t it a fantastic life hack?

Placing an Office Desk in the closet saves room and allows you to concentrate on your work.

However, keeping the Office Desk in the closet might be troublesome to some extent. For instance, you have to remove your apparel to free up space.

Things To Consider Before Placing Office Desk In Bedroom

Placing an Office Desk in a Bedroom is difficult since you must weigh many variables and devise a Bedroom Office strategy to carry it out effectively.

Before placing an Office Desk in your Bedroom, let’s go through certain factors you must consider.

1. Space In Your Bedroom

Before deciding to keep your Office Desk in the sleeping area, you must be aware of the size of your room.

If your room is large and spacious, you can place your Office Desk in the Bedroom.

However, if you reside in a tiny studio apartment where you hardly keep a closet and a bed, you must think twice before placing your Office Desk.

Large sized home office
Large-sized Home Office can range from 150 to 200 square feet.

Furthermore, you may find it hard to work if you have a limited area and plan to keep your Office Desk in the Bedroom.

2. Size Of Your Office Desk

You need to have explicit knowledge of the measurements of the Desk.

For example, you should know the Desk’s height, width, and depth.

In addition, consider your height while buying the Desk.

For example, if your size is between 5-6 feet and 5 inches, you may buy a Desk between 712 mm (2.3 feet) and 762 mm (2.5 feet).

Dimension of office desk
Height, width and depth are three dimensions of a Desk.

Similarly, if your job demands typing or other computer-related work, you should get a Desk with a depth ranging from 712mm to 762mm (2.3 feet-2.5 feet).

Read on to discover the right size Desk for your Home Office.

Furthermore, here are some of the best Desks for your Bedroom Office setup.

Work DeskDimensionImage
CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk23.6"D x 55"W x 29.5"H
Sturdy Stable for Use
Cubi Cubi Computer Desk
Bestier Computer Desk47"D x 25"W x 47"H
Multifunctional Desk
Desk with 4 Tier Shelves
Bestier Computer Desk
Cubiker Computer Desk23.8"D x 55"W x 28"H
Equipped with adjustable foot pads
Cubiker Computer Desk

3. Equipment For Your Desk

Well, only the working material, like a laptop, computer, keyboard, or any other paper files, would not be sufficient to provide beauty to your Office Desk.

Therefore, I have listed some of the things/equipment to put on your Office Desk below;

  • Try not to scatter every object on your Desk. Make a separate box/storage to store all items that do not come in handy regularly.
  • Place any crystals on your Office Desk if you are a Feng Shui practitioner. There is a belief that crystals cleanse negative energy and help you focus on work.
  • Keep any indoor plants on your Desk, as it provides a natural vibe while working.
  • Do not keep any plates or cups on for a long time on the Desk.
Continue reading to discover why your work Desk is always messy and how to organize it properly.

4. Ensure Lighting

Positioning your Office Desk in the Bedroom near a window or in an area with access to natural light is suitable.

However, sometimes, you may not have access to both things, which might create obstacles while working.

Office Desk in Bedroom
Place your Office Desk near window in the Bedroom to ensure enough lighting.

As a result, you can always get Desk lamps or bright and warm overhead lights.

Read on to discover some helpful lighting tips for your computer work and learn to choose the Desk light for your Home Office.

5. Ensure Electrical Access

While placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom, you must have proper access to an electrical line.

For example, if you decide to set the working Desk near your Bedroom window, but your electrical line is too far away from the functional space, it may be difficult.

Additionally, it would help if you had a long-wired multiplug extension in such cases. And those wires may disturb you while walking in and out of the room.

Therefore, to reduce such problems, consider electrical access before placing the Office Desk in the Bedroom.

Read on to discover how you can use electrical tape for cable management.

Can An Office Desk Be West Facing? What Does Vastu Say?

Before placing your Office Desk in the Bedroom, you must be mindful of the right directions, i.e., North, South, East, and West.

As per the Vastushastra specialist, it is better to face east, northeast, and north direction while working.

This is because these directions are considered to be the energy provider.

If you want to focus on work, choose among the east, north, or northeast directions.

And, if possible, avoid choosing the west and south directions, which are known to be sink routes.

The Bottom Line

Placing your Office Desk in your Bedroom might make you lazy and distract you from being productive during working hours.

Furthermore, keeping your work Desk in your Bedroom might hamper your sleeping pattern.

Therefore, if you plan to place Office Desk in the Bedroom, keep them opposite your door, at a kitty-corner, and across the wall from your door to balance your working life.

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