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Palworld Breeding Not Working: Pals Refusing To Breed And Produce Eggs

Palworld revolves around adorable creatures known as Pals where players experiment with cross-species to breed these pals.

Players are facing issues while breeding their Pals in Palworld, hindering the in-game experience.

However, checking all necessary resources and finding a suitable place before starting the breeding process will resolve the issue.

Continue reading to learn more about why breeding is not working in Palworld.

Pals Refusing Breeding In Palworld

Breeding Pals is a new feature in Palworld, offering players a fun and imaginative world to explore and create in.

However, players can breed their pals and create stronger creatures through a combination of parental traits.

Breed Pals in Palworld and use their abilities and strengths
Breed Pals in Palworld and use their abilities and strengths.

Despite building the ranch, cakes and having two Pals for offspring, some players find their Pals refusing to breed and lay eggs.

Moreover, players report that placing them in the breeding farm seems to work at first.

Subsequently, after some time, they refuse to stay there and start doing other tasks.

Despite collecting the required items, the breeding process is unresponsive for some players.

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How To Fix Breeding Not Working In Palworld?

The Pal Breeding Farm becomes available at level 19 and to build it, players will need 100 wood, 200 stone, and 50 fiber.

Moreover, players need to obtain cake and a pair of Pals that they wish to facilitate breeding.

If collecting the necessary resources is not letting to breed the Pals, players can follow this step:

1. Breed Far From Cluttered Area

Choosing less crowded locations for pal breeding introduces an element of serenity to the process.

Breeding is very hard if players decide to put the Farm in a more cluttered area.

Hence, players must select the area free from trees or rocks nearby as it may auto-assign them to other works like mining.

2. Put The Cake In Farm Box

If there is no cake in the Breeding farm box, the Pals inside the farm will not finish the breeding process.

Once the Cake has been made, place it in the Breeding Farm Box
Once the Cake has been made, place it in the Breeding Farm Box.

However, if the issue still persists, players must try to remove the cake from the box, put both pals into the terminal and then reassign them.

Upon reassigning them, now try to put the cake back in the farm box at the end.

Palworld Breeding Calculator: How To Use?

In Palworld, players are now equipped with the ability to unravel the Pal genetics before initiating the breeding process.

However, empowering players with the ability to know the genetic code of their Pals before embarking on the breeding journey has taken centre stage.

Find the exact Pal breeding combinations you need
Players can find the exact Pal breeding combinations that they need using the breeding calculator.

Upon using the breeding calculator, the tool players can check the resulting Pal egg by combining the two specific Pals.

Hence, this tool allows players to check and anticipate the outcome of combining two male and female Pals.

Here is the guide that players can follow to use this tool to harness the potential of this tool.

  1. Open the Tab and search for the Palworld Breeding Calculator.
  2. Click on the search option and search for the Parent Pal.
  3. Select two Pals that you want to breed in Palworld.
  4. This will show you the result of the offspring which two specific two Pals will produce in the game.
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