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Palworld High-Quality Workbench Guide

In Palworld, the high quality Workbench enables the crafting of stone weapons with enhanced damage capabilities.

Further, building a high-quality workbench in the game requires a lot of items like ingot, wood, and nails.

After unlocking the workbench, players can explore crafting stylish jewelry, glasses, time-tracking watches, and essential arrows.

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What Is Workbench In Palworld?

In Palworld, various types of workbenches open up various crafting possibilities by unlocking new recipes.

A Player punching tree to collect some woods.
The player punches a tree to collect some wood for making a workbench.

Here’s an overview of different workbenches in the game:

1. Weapon Workbench: Utilize the Weapon Workbench to create a variety of weapons like bows, swords, and spears.

2. High-Quality Workbench: Expand your crafting possibilities by using the High-Quality Workbench to produce valuable materials like gold and silver.

3. Medical Workbench: Similarly, enhance your Palworld experience by crafting diverse medicinal items using the Medical Workbench.

4. Repair Workbench: The Repair Workbench facilitates the repair of items, including tools, weapons, and armor in Palworld.

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How To Build A High-Quality Workbench In Palworld?

Players can make a high-quality workbench by collecting some valuable items in Palworld.

Furthermore, a high-quality workbench can be upgraded to the max level, which is level 5.

Just like the other items in Palworld, you must initially acquire the blueprint through the Technology tree, which unlocks at level 11.

Subsequently, you must gather the necessary crafting materials to construct the High-Quality Workbench.

Here are the materials needed for the High-Quality Workbench:

  • 15 Ingots
  • 50 Wood
  • 10 Nails

To create ingots, collect Ore and use the Primitive Furnace, and then craft nails using ingots at the Primitive Workbench.

You must obtain 50 Stone and 10 Flame Organs by breaking rocks and defeating Foxparks.

palworld high quality workbench
A player Building a high-quality workbench after collecting the necessary items.

Craft the High-Quality Workbench after unlocking and gathering materials and place it in your base.

With this workbench, players can create stone-based gear like the stone pickaxe for mining stronger minerals in the game. 

Where To Find Material To Make The Workbenches In Palworld? 

To secure essential workbench resources in Palworld, convert Ore to Ingots through the Primitive Furnace, using Technology Points. 

Unlock Nails at Level 10, then craft them using Ingots, requiring the construction of a Primitive Furnace.

Additionally, acquiring Flame Organs demands hunting or taming fire-type Pals like Foxparks, while Wood and Stone are easily obtained.

However, you need to Identify Ore deposits, distinct from regular Stone rocks, and mine them with Pals.

After that Convert Ore into Ingots through the Primitive Furnace, using Kindling Pals like Forparks or Rooby for assistance.

Gather an abundance of Ingots, as Nails are fundamental components in various complex Palworld structures.

Finally, head to your Workbench and utilize Ingots to craft Nails, each yielding two nails.

What Can You Craft After Getting A High-Quality Workbench?

Here are the items you can craft after getting High quality workbench with its recipe:

Jewelry: Combine 2 gold and 1 gem to create stylish accessories that amp up your character’s appearance and serve as valuable assets.

Glasses: Likewise, for a blend of style and functionality, craft glasses using 1 silver and 2 glasses, and you can improve your character’s vision.

Watches: Keep track of time in the wilds by crafting a watch with 2 Nails and 1 electronic. An invaluable tool for managing your adventures.

Arrows for Bows: Craft arrows for your bows using 1 stone and 1 wood. Ensure a steady supply of ammunition to enhance your combat capabilities.

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