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Precious Dragon Stone In Palworld: How To Use It?

One of the rarest and most valuable items in Palworld is the Precious Dragon Stone.

It can be obtained from the Azurobe, a dragon-like Pal that lives in a lake.

Moreover, the Precious Dragon Stone can be used for crafting items, enhancing your Pal, and trading with merchants in Palworld.

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What Is The Precious Dragon Stone In Palworld?

The Precious Dragon Stone is a rare material that can be dropped by the Azurobe, one of the boss Pals in Palworld.

Furthermore, the Azurobe is a Water Dragon-type Pal that can swim and fly.

Moreover, it has powerful attacks such as Aqua Gun, Dragon Cannon, and Bubble Blast.

Precious Dragon Stone
Precious Dragon Stone is a rare material in Palworld.

It can be found in a lake located to the north of the Tower Ruins teleport statue, at the coordinates -53,-386.

The Precious Dragon Stone is a blue gem that resembles a dragon’s eye, and it has a mysterious aura around it.

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How To Get The Precious Dragon Stone In Palworld?

To get the Precious Dragon Stone in Palworld, you need to either defeat or capture the Azurobe.

However, this is not an easy task, as the Azurobe is very aggressive and resilient.

You will need to prepare well before challenging it and follow some tips to increase your chances of success.

Here are some of the things that you should do:

1. Equip Ranged Weapon

Equip yourself with a ranged weapon, such as a crossbow, a grapple gun, or a makeshift handgun.

You will need to keep your distance from the Azurobe and shoot it from afar, as getting close to it can be very dangerous.

A ranged weapon will also allow you to aim for the Azurobe’s weak spots, such as its head, wings, and tail.

2. Bring A Pal

Bring a companion Pal that can help you in the fight, such as the Pen King, the Gigasphere, or the Megasphere.

These Pals can deal ice damage to the Azurobe, which is its elemental weakness.

They can also tank some of the Azurobe’s attacks and distract it while you deal damage from behind.

Make sure to heal and protect your Pal during the fight, as they can also die or run away if they take too much damage.

Bring a Pal
Bring a Pal to defeat Azurobe.

3. Prepare Before Battle

Make sure your character is well-fed and not slow down before the fight.

You will need to be agile and fast to dodge the Azurobe’s attacks, especially its ranged attack that can shoot at you.

Being hungry or overburdened will reduce your stamina and movement speed, making you an easy target for the boss.

Eat some food and drop some unnecessary items before you engage the Azurobe.

4. Dodge Azurobe’s Attacks

Dodge the Azurobe’s attacks, especially the Bubble Blast, which is a series of homing bubbles that can deal serious damage.

You can either evade them or shoot them to destroy them before they hit you.

You can also use your Pal’s skills to counter or interrupt the Azurobe’s attacks, such as freezing it with Chillet’s Ice Missile.

Dodge Azurobe’s attacks
Dodge Azurobe’s attacks such as Bubble Blast.

5. Defeat Or Capture Azurobe

Keep attacking the Azurobe until its health bar is depleted, or throw a Pal Sphere at it when it is weakened.

You can use normal, Mega, or Giga Pal Spheres to capture it, depending on how much you want to increase your capture rate.

Capture Azurobe
Capture Azurobe by throwing a Pal Sphere.

If you manage to defeat or capture the Azurobe, it will reward you with the following items:

  1. Ancient Civilization Parts
  2. Precious Dragon Stone
Get Precious Dragon Stone
Get Precious Dragon Stone by defeating or capturing Azurobe.

Uses Of Precious Dragon Stone In Palworld

The Precious Dragon Stone is a very useful item in Palworld, as it has several applications.

Here are some of the things you can use it for:

1. Craft Items

Craft powerful weapons and items that enhance the stats of the weapons and items.

These items can have high stats and special effects, such as increased damage, defense, and durability.

They can also be upgraded with other materials to make them even stronger.

2. Enhance Your Pals

Enhance your Pals’ stats and skills, such as their health, attack, defense, speed, and special abilities.

You can do this by using the Precious Dragon Stone at the Statue of Power, which is a structure that you can build at your base.

The Statue of Power allows you to use Pal Souls to permanently buff your Pals, and the Precious Dragon Stone can boost the effects.

3. Trade With Merchants

Trade with other players or merchants, as the Precious Dragon Stone is a highly sought-after item that can fetch a high price.

You can use the Precious Dragon Stone to exchange for other rare items, materials, or Pals, or to buy things that you need or want.

Trade Precious Dragon Stone
Trade Precious Dragon Stone to the merchant.

You can also sell the Precious Dragon Stone for gold coins, which can be sold for 1000 gold coins each.

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