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Palworld Piplup : Is It The Pengullet?

Palworld is creating buzz all over the internet, drawing comparisons to the beloved Pokemon franchise.

The unmistakable resemblance of Palworld’s creatures to Pokemon has sparked discussions among gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, players on different social media are comparing the Palword Pengullet with the Piplup as they share some similar features.

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What Is Palworld Piplup?

Palworld is the brand new, sort-of-Pokemon, adventure game where players embark on an exciting journey of exploration and crafting.

However, players can perform various tasks like construction, farming, mining, and many more with the help of in-game creatures, Pals.

Palworld's Pengullet reassemble the Pokemon's Piplup
Palworld’s Pengullet reassembles the Pokemon’s Piplup.

There is no doubt that Palworld has been inspired by Pokemon as these creatures look similar to them.

While some Pals in Palworld distinctly stand apart, a closer look reveals that certain creatures resemble Pokemon.

Hence, many modders and players are comparing some of the Palworld Pals with Pokemon one of which is Palworld Pengullet.

Pengullet is a Water/Ice element Pal that resembles a blue penguin and is able to build, craft, and assemble in a factory line.

Further, some players online say this Pal in Palworld resembles Pokemon’s most iconic character, i.e., Piplup.

Moreover, Pengullet shares a penguin body shape similar to Piplup and the same element, “Water.”

Comparison between them has caused quite the chaos with the Pals that are similar to the monsters we all know and love Pokemon.

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Similarities Between Pengullet And Piplup

Pengullet is a handy Pal that will help players water the plants and cool their foods with the partner skill “Pengullet Cannon“.

Moreover, when activated, the player equips a Rocket Launcher and fires Pengullet as ammunition.

Similarly, Palworld Piplup is a chubby, handy light blue Penguinue-like water Pokemon that hates accepting food from people.

Pengullet and Piplup are all different yet still have enough similarities in their artistic style.

Players comparing Pengullet and Piplup on Reddit
Players comparing Pengullet and Piplup on Reddit.

One similarity between them is that they have large, expressive eyes, rounded shapes, and small stature.

Similarly, Pengullet follows a similar approach to Piplup in terms of color as they both share a bluish color palette.

Both Pengullet and Piplup exhibit a charming aesthetic reminiscent of penguins, as their design elements.

In addition, both Pengullet and Piplup enhance their avian resemblance by featuring a distinctive yellow beak.

Pokemon And Their Counterparts In Palworld

Some of the water and electric element Pals in Palworld have clear counterparts in the Pokemon franchise.

Here are some Pals that look similar to Pokemon, recognized by players and modders listed below.

1. Penking As The Empoleon

Players can see a clear and deliberate resemblance between these two water-based creatures.

Even though Penking and Empoleon’s appearance does not look similar, they are conceptually alike.

The only difference is that Empoleon gains the steel type when it evolves however, Penking has its secondary element to water.

2. Sparkit As The Raichu

The Sparkit is a small bipedal cat-like, one of the rarest Pal l with the Static electricity partner skill and the electric element type.

However, the most evident in the design of their trails reassemble them where both creatures boast a distinctive lightning bolt shape at the tail’s end.

3. Lamball As Wooloo

Both Lamball and Wooloo creature features white fur, yellowish eyes, horns and round body.

The only difference that we see between these two monsters is that Lamball is a bipedal while Wooloo is a quadruped.

4. Jormuntide As The Gyarados

Both Jormuntide and Gyarados embody the essence of scaly sea serpents with flowing whiskers.

Moreover, they have the same glaring red eyes and the underbelly scales’ shape and coloration.

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