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Phil Graves Mansion In Baldur’s Gate 3: Entry Tactics

Phil Graves Mansion in BG3 is a building that players can access through a wall in the lower city. 

Furthermore, players will find the mansion to the south of the lower city. 

Phil Graves Mansion in BG3 holds many secrets. The main secret it holds is the Mystic Carrion. However, to enter to the secrets, players must go through the wall or find a way around the mansion and enter it.

This article discusses Phil’s Graves mansion and ways to enter it.

What Is Phil Graves Mansion In BG3? 

Players can find the Phil Graves Mansion to the south of the lower city.

The closest waypoint that players can use near the mansion is the Heapside Strand. Travel to the waypoint and then head south. 

You will find the entrance to the mansion. However, you will notice a wall shutting it completely off after you get to the mansion. 

Thus, you are unable to enter the mansion. You can try various strategies to enter the mansion, but the simplest method is the best. 

Furthermore, inside the mansion, players can even obtain a quest that allows players to obtain a legendary item. 

Phil graves mansion south of lower city Bg3
Players can find Phil Graves’s mansion to the south of Lower City.

How To Enter Phil Graves Mansion In BG3? 

There are a total of three methods that players can use to enter Phil Graves’s mansion in BG3. 

Here are some of the methods to enter Phil Graves Mansion.

1. Arcana Check

The first method is an arcana check at the wall. The players must have high arcane power to pass through the wall. 

This is also one of the hardest methods to enter the mansion.

Arcana check phil graves mansion door Bg3
Perform an arcana check at the door to enter the mansion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, you can give this a gander if you have high arcane power. 

But if you do not have high arcane power, look no further. We have two more methods to go. 

2. Go Around The Mansion

The second method is to go around the mansion. Here, you will find a few crates covering an entrance. 

Either move or destroy the crates to access the opening. Enter the mansion through the opening. 

This method is a lot simpler but still takes some time. 

3. Destroy The Wall

The easiest method is the good ol’ hammer the wall. Players can use characters with high strength and equip them with a hammer. 

Then, hack away on the wall until it breaks. This is the easiest and most barbaric method to enter the mansion. 

However, if you are more inclined towards brute force rather than brawn, then just destroy anything that comes your way. 

Once you enter the mansion, you will meet an NPC. We will discuss him below. 

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What Is Inside Phil Graves Mansion In BG3?

Inside the mansion, you will meet Mystic Carrion. After you meet him, he will ask you to find one of his servants. 

However, we advise you to complete the Necromancy of Thay before starting this quest. 

After you take the quest, you must find Thumbro. You can find him in the house northeast of Phil Graves’s mansion. 

He will plead to you not to kill him and tell you about Mystic Carrion’s sadist ways.

However, you can choose to either bring Thumbro back to Mystic Carrion or kill Mystic Carrion for Thumbro. 

Meet mystic carrion in mansion Bg3
Players will meet mystic Carrion inside the mansion.

If you bring Thumbro to Mystic Carrion, he will reward you with a Torch of Revocation.

However, if you kill Mystic Carrion for Thumbro, you must venture out to find the body parts of Thumbro. 

After you find all his body parts, you must then fight him. After you defeat him, he will drop the “Torch of Revocation.”

Thus, the main reason to access Phil Graves’s mansion is to obtain the Torch of Revocation.

The torch is necessary to complete the “Free the Artist” quest and exorcise the ghost plaguing Oskar.

The Bottom Line

The Phil Graves mansion is specifically there to obtain the legendary Torch of Revocation.

Furthermore, accessing the mansion is much easier than players expect it to be because players can simply break the wall and enter it. 

Thus, there is no reason to go through a check or go all around the area to enter the mansion. Just break through the wall, and you are done. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in accessing the Phil Graves mansion in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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