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Christmas Present Event In Blox Fruits: A Guide To Rewards

In Blox Fruits, players can now participate in the present event which is exclusively designed to celebrate Christmas.

During this event, players can explore the festive area where they can collect candies, battle with several NPCs, and unwrap the presents.

To participate in the latest Christmas Present Event in Blox Fruits 2023, players should navigate to the Colosseum Area to discover the Xmas Island and enjoy the Christmas Present Event.

Continue reading to learn more about the Christmas Present Event in Blox Fruits.

Christmas Present Event: Navigate To Xmas Island

To begin their journey to the Christmas Present Event, players must set sail to the Colosseum area in Blox Fruits.

Similarly, players have to track the Colosseum area and follow the directions on the mini-map to reach it without any difficulties.

Upon reaching the Colosseum area, you can discover the Xmas island wrapped in lights and decorations.

Christmas present event In blox fruits
A player is navigating to the Xmas Island to obtain coveted rewards.

Next, explore the area and prepare yourself for collecting the presents of festive delights. 

Similarly, during this event, players can collect several presents that are scattered around the Xmas Island.

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Christmas Island Major Attractions

After you reach Xmas Island, you can explore the vibrant area surrounded by festive decorations.

Likewise, you can also collect free presents by navigating around the Island which is exclusively provided for Christmas.

However, these free presents are spawned hourly, you need to wait for at least an hour after collecting the rewards.

 Xmas Island blox fruits
Players can explore the vibrant area of the new Island wrapped in Christmas decorations.

You can visit Christmas Island multiple times and enjoy the free gifts offered during the event.

Also, you can collect candies and exchange them for other valuable items by visiting the little elves on the island.

Grinding The Presents: Candies In Blox Fruits

As these Christmas presents spawn at an hourly rate, you should explore the area and uncover every location where free present awaits.

You should return to this specific area every hour, and experience the ongoing source of joy and surprises.

Similarly, you can obtain powerful game items as well as intriguing cosmetic additions, from the Christmas Present Event.

Besides, you can also collect candies during the Christmas Present event by exploring Xmas Island.

It is also possible to collect the candies by searching for the NPCs that are scattered around the different areas on the island.

Upon spotting these NPCs, you should defeat them to receive candies, a valuable resource to obtain powerful items.

Candy Currency In Christmas Present Event

Players can exchange the obtained candies for valuable resources in the game such as Fragments, X2 exp boosts, stat rolls, etc.

Similarly, you can visit the elves, a merchant, to exchange the Candy in the Christmas Present Event.

Candies serve as the currency in this present event for unlocking the diverse range of items in Blox Fruits.

Players can explore the benefits of fragments, x2 exp boosts, and race re-rolls by Exchanging these candies.

Thus, explore the Xmas Event Area and collect as much candy currency as you can from the Christmas Present Event.

The Bottom Line

Players can now enjoy the festive season in Blox Fruits by participating in its latest Christmas Present Event.

The island is beautifully decorated for Christmas and spawns random presents every hour for the present event.

Further, they can claim free presents every hour and yield candies from the NPC by visiting the Xmas island.

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