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Explore About Rogue Trader Critical Tasks Quest

Critical Tasks is among the numerous quests in the Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader.

However, due to a minor bug, players cannot progress through the mission.

Critical Tasks Quest is a side quest in Rogue Trader in which players can grab the opportunity to recruit a new companion.

Continue reading to find out more about the Critical Task quest in Rogue Trader.

What Is A Critical Tasks Quest?

Warhammer 4ok comes up with various quests and challenges from time to time.

The main quest, Side quest, and Companion quest are the three quests that players may receive by progressing through.

In Rogue Trader, Critical Tasks Quest is one of the Side Quests and an optional one.

In addition, players can earn rewarded favors, equipment, and items if they choose to proceed in this quest.

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Critical Tasks Quest Fuel Terminal Location

Finding the Fuel Terminal location is the first task that players need to do in the Critical Tasks quest.

However, the fuel terminal and other lever that is available at the location may confuse the players.

critical tasks quests
Players were indicating the terminal as a lever in gaming forums.

However, you must check carefully to find the right terminal through which you can move forward in the quest.

Hence, players will find this terminal on the top left of the bridge on the lower part.

However, this completes the first step of the Critical Tasks quest and then you can proceed further in the quest.

Critical Tasks Quest: Is It Bugged?

Players on online forums report that they are stuck in the quest and can’t use the Personal Cogitator.

The Personal Cogitator in Rogue Trader is a tool that can store and process large amounts of data.

However, the players can use a Personal Cogitator to send and receive messages, video, and audio.

critical tasks quests bugged
Players confess on online forums about the bug.

Moreover, players can also use this objective to maneuver the dangers.

It is an effortless and manageable quest but some players state that they are facing a problem while interacting with the Cogitator.

Moreover, players report that they have encountered a bug that prevents them from completing it.

Players are trying to interact with the Cogitator, but it does not respond and the quest does not update.

Hence, this bug prevents the players to proceed in the game and to gain rewards.

The Bottom Line

In the Rogue Trader, Critical Tasks quests often reward players with various essential items that enhance their characters’ abilities.

However, the available bug in the quest prevents you from using the cogitator.

Hopefully, a new hotfix will be live soon to prevent players from experiencing glitches and bugs in Rogue Trader.

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