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Should Dual Monitors be the Same Size?

Do you wish to add a dual monitor for gaming and work but are confused about whether you should get identical or different-sized screens?

Let us make it clear!

Getting monitors in the exact sizes may be suitable for creating an even, aesthetic look, but it is not compulsory.

Adding dual monitors need not be identical to each other (size or resolution), but they must be compatible with the video hardware in the computer they are connected to.

Choose any size and resolution for monitors as long as your devices support it; however, keep in mind there may be the same practical difficulties.

Read more to determine whether you should get different or identical-sized monitors for gaming, work, and other purposes.

Should Dual Monitors be the Same Size?

There is no doubt that you should not expand a series of monitors, but the question is whether you must add dual monitors of the same size.

The dual monitor setup can increase your productivity by a minimum of 30%.

As mentioned before, you need not add dual monitors of the same size to make it work. The two monitors will work as long as they support the video display from the device, nonetheless!

Identical dual monitor setup for gaming
Identical dual monitor setup for gaming (Source: Unsplash)

However, choosing dual monitors with different sizes may bring challenges because of various resolutions and refresh rates.

As a Quora user points out, the same size, resolution, and refresh rate of identical monitors is best. However, it’s not required. They can be any combination of sizes and supported resolutions.

As long as it fits the criteria, you can add any size and resolution monitor, even a vertical monitor.

Vertical monitor setup
Vertical monitor setup (Source: Unsplash)

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Benefits of Using Same Sized Dual Monitors

Using two different monitors of the exact sizes gives them an impression of a single horizontal video screen but two separate monitors.

It will be great for gamers and video editors who benefit from a wide field of view and other essential activities.

Here are a few benefits of using the same-sized monitor.

1. Perfect for Gamer and Editors

If you use the dual monitor for gaming or video editing, similar-sized monitors may offer a better experience.

Gamers will enjoy from more extensive display range, making it easy to comprehend an image on the screen.

A “Wider View” of everything allows you to respond well since your FOV (Field of View) will be greater.

The identical monitor will offer equal refresh rates that will be useful for even gaming experience, especially shooting games.

Gaming in multiple monitors may slow down your laptop
Gaming in multiple monitors may slow down your laptop (Source: Pixabay)

2. Aesthetically Appealing

The same-sized monitors look aesthetically appealing because of the identical display and décor.

It may feel like a single monitor unit from the same model or maker, enhancing the overlook décor.

Most computers and laptops will auto-detect and align dual monitors when they share the exact resolution.

However, there may be a few challenges to using identical dual monitors that would only be addressed using different sized dual monitors.

3. Wider Horizontal View

The same-sized dual monitor means a broader horizontal view and a bigger screen overall.

It may be helpful for many different computer works that require a broader horizontal view, including scaling and mapping works.

A 4K UHD monitor would easily offer 4000 horizontal pixels, almost three times more than a 1080p monitor.

Laptop with Triple Monitor Setup
Laptop with Triple Monitor Setup (Source: Unsplash)

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How can Different Sized Dual Monitors be Useful?

Different-sized dual monitors come with unique benefits for users that are rarely offered by same sized dual-monitors.

Besides providing a wider field of view, they also offer practical benefits.

Here are a few benefits of using different-sized monitors.

1. Saves Space

Choose different-sized monitors if your work desk is too small to fit multiple large-sized screens.

A small work desk will hardly fit dual monitors, especially dual 4K screens.

Instead, one big monitor and another small monitor would easily fit without taking up much desk space.

A single work desk with a 47″ surface may only accommodate a 24″ monitor and another 18-19″ monitor, but dual 24″ monitors.

A single work desk's dimension
A single work desk would hardly fit two identical 24″ monitors (source: Pinterest)

2. Saves Money

Buying two identical monitors will cost more, especially two high-end monitors with 4K resolution.

You can save a lot of money by buying one high-end monitor and the other in a slightly low-resolution or small-sized monitor.

A 27″ 4K monitor would cost $249, while a 1080p 24″ monitor would cost around $190.

Use the first monitor for the main task while the second one for minor works.

3. Appropriate for Different Works

Using the same-sized monitors may not be ideal for all users.

Most regular users like writers and coders can manage with one high-end monitor and another small, low-resolution monitor.

In fact, buying two identical high-end monitors will prove a costly purchase because they are less ideally used at the same time.

Different sized dual monitor
The different sized dual monitor is appropriate for coding (Source: Pexels)

4. Appropriate for Low-Resolution Laptop

Most low-resolution laptops will only support video output on the low-resolution external monitor.

A laptop running 1080p resolution is less likely to display on monitors with 4K resolutions without distorting the images.

Now imagine running dual monitors in high resolution, which would require high-spec laptops and additional video support.

However, choosing monitors in different sizes may solve this issue by mirroring an image on the large monitor and extending the display to the smaller one.

Extending or Duplicating the display
Extending or Duplicating the display

However, you will notice the difference on each screen because of different-sized icons.

Moreover, the mouse gets stuck on the edges of the screen when trying to scroll from one monitor to another. The only solution to this problem is getting monitors with the exact resolution.

Best Size Monitor for Dual Setup

Buying the correct sized monitor is the primary step to arranging a dual monitor setup.

Not every work requires larger monitors. Regular jobs like surfing the internet and writing email can quickly be done on small-sized monitors.

You may end up buying either a monitor too large or too small for your job.

Therefore, it is essential to determine your needs before arranging a dual monitor setup.

1. For Gaming

Gaming is a high-end task that requires a larger field of view and multiple displays to play more effectively.

Primarily, 3D and role-playing games are played better in 4K resolution monitors.

Hence, a large dual-screen may be more beneficial for gamers.

We recommend you set up dual monitors with at least 24″ resolution to get the best experience out of gaming.

Of course, you may buy larger monitors but beware of your budget because adding two high-end monitors will require upgrading video cards and peripherals.

  • LG 27GN950-B is a 27″ 4K monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate appropriate for high-end gaming.
LG 27GN950
LG 27GN950 is suitable for gaming (Source: Amazon)

2. For Video Editing

Like gaming, video editing is done best in high-resolution monitors with the correct color ratio.

A 24″ to 27″ monitor would be a perfect setup for video editing. Higher resolution and a large screen will offer every detail with perfection.

Moreover, correct color sync with a higher RGB color ratio will offer a consistent experience on all monitors.

Using identical dual monitors would be more beneficial for video editing because of the matching screen resolution and refresh rate.

Benq desktop is appropriate for video editing
Benq desktop is appropriate for video editing (Source: Amazon)

3. For Coding and Writing

Coding and writing are similar works requiring more writing and reading lines of words on the screen.

Buying high-end 4K monitors would be costlier and less helpful than video editing.

A moderate-resolution and medium-size monitor would fare well for these works.

However, you can add one large-size monitor while another is slightly smaller if you use them to watch high-resolution videos.

  • MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is a 27″ monitor with 2K resolution, perfect for regular and heavy-duty work.
  • ASUS VG279QM is a 27″ monitor with a 1080p resolution that is excellent for regular work.
MSI monitor is appropriate for coding
MSI monitor is appropriate for coding (Source: Amazon)

Find out whether a 4K monitor is appropriate for regular office work

4. Miscellaneous

Choose a monitor appropriate for your viewing and work.

Also keep in mind if your device can support high-resolution or multiple displays.

If you are a video reviewer, you may benefit from having a large screen with at least 2k resolution.

Choose monitors with a moderate-resolution display for internet surfing, auditing, and generic office work.

  • Gigabyte M34WQ is a 34″ 4k monitor perfect for various activities.
Gigabyte Gaming Monitor
Gigabyte Gaming Monitor (Source: Amazon)

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Final Verdict

A dual monitor can be great for various activities, but be wary about your need beforehand.

Two large monitors may not be appropriate for regular work or a small desk setup.

On the other hand, small monitors may not promise better visuals and detailed displays required for gaming and editing.

Therefore, choose different or identical sizes for dual monitors based on your work and desired experience.

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