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How To Use Silly Tavern Characters?

Silly Tavern is taking text-generation AI Characters to the next level with new features and functionalities.

You can create Characters, import readymade Characters, and chat with them in Silly Tavern AI. It is solely developed for chatting and creating advanced AI Characters with the help of TavernAI and different API platforms like OpenAI, NovelAI, KoboldAI, Poe, etc.

In this article, you will learn more about the Silly Tavern Characters and importing readymade Characters from different websites.

Silly Tavern AI Overview

Silly Tavern is part of TavernAI 1.2.8, but it is under development more actively with many added features.

Furthermore, it is developing so quickly that Silly Tavern and TavernAI can be considered independent programs.

Introduction to SillyTavern
Silly Tavern is taking text-generation AI Characters to the next level.

Furthermore, SillyTavern is also accessible easily, and you can access it using the Google Colab version or install it locally on your device.

You can follow the guidelines on the official GitHub page of SillyTavern to install it locally on your device.

Moreover, Silly Tavern does not have any readymade categories of Characters, so you either have to create or import them.

It also allows NSFW(Not Safe For Work) as it is an uncensored version, so some users might find it disturbing.

However, you can enable or disable the NSFW filter using the toggle button in the settings.

Read on to learn how to install and use Silly Tavern AI and import and use Character in TavernAI.

How To Create Characters In Silly Tavern?

After accessing Silly Tavern AI, you can now use its features like chatting with Characters and creating them.

Follow these steps to create Characters in Silly Tavern AI;

  1. Open SillyTavern and Go to the “Character Management” section.
Character Management Settings
You can edit Characters in Character Management Settings.
  1. Click the “Create New Character” button and edit your custom Character.
  2. You can name the Character and add photos, descriptions and the first message of the Character.
Editing Characters in SillyTavern
Editing the Character features in SillyTavern.
  1. The advanced definitions option in the Character settings allows you to edit the Character more advanced.
Advanced Definitions editing in SillyTavern
There is an Advanced Definitions editing option in Silly Tavern.

Import Readymade Characters In Silly Tavern AI

If you feel exhausted by creating Characters, you can import them directly into Silly Tavern.

There are several websites where you can find readymade Characters, like the “,” “characterhub,” “booru. plus” and also on some discord groups.

booru plus for readymade characters
You can find readymade Characters on the booru plus website.

Furthermore, here is an example of importing Characters to Silly Tavern from the CharacterHub website.

Follow the steps below sequentially to import the Characters.

  1. Go to the “CharacterHub.Org” website and Choose a Character you want to import.
  2. Click on the Download button of the Character, and it will automatically download.
importing characters from characterhub
Import Characters from Characterhub
  1. Now go to SillyTavern and click the import button.
importing from characterhub to sillytavern
Use the import button to import Characters in SillyTavern.
  1. Select the downloaded Characters from CharacterHub, and it will import automatically.

Furthermore, after importing, you will find the Character in Silly Tavern with readymade descriptions and tokens of the Character.

If you don’t want the Characters you import, you can later delete them using the delete button. 

How To Chat With The SillyTavern Characters?

You can easily chat with the Characters in SillyTavern AI if you are connected to an API.

Follow the steps below to chat with the SillyTavern Characters.

  1. Select any Character and go to the “API Connections” tab in SillyTavern.
  2. Now you can select any of the API platforms.
API platforms
You can choose any of the API platforms in Silly Tavern.
  1. Enter the API key or access token according to the API platform.
  2. For OpenAI, go to “OpenAI API Keys” and create a new API Key.
Creating new API key in OpenAI platform
You can create a new secret API key in OpenAI.
  1. Copy the Key and Paste it into the API Key section of SillyTavern.
  2. Now you will connect with API and can chat with any Characters.
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The Bottom Line

Silly Tavern AI allows you to create new Characters that can be manipulated with advanced editing options.

Furthermore, you can also find readymade Characters and import them directly into its interface.

However, while chatting with the Character, users can find some disturbing content because it allows NSFW content.

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