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Complete Sitting Ducks Mission In Suicide Squad

The Sitting Ducks Mission is an assignment undertaken by the Suicide Squad, a team of antiheroes for high-risk tasks.

This mission is to rescue the Argus who is responsible for taking the Shrink Teck from the Hall of Justice.

Returning this technology is the most crucial part of the game as it allows civilians and non-civilians to be Miniaturized.

Moreover, you can complete the Sitting Ducks Mission after you rescue the Argus and hand over the technology.

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What Is Sitting Ducks Mission In Suicide Squad?

Sitting Ducks is a mission in Suicide Squad that you can claim from the location named Suicide Slums.

In this mission, you have to retrieve a crucial technology called Shrink Teck and rescue Argus who is a thief.

Waller’s Argus is responsible for stealing the Shrink Tech technology from the Hall of Justice and is in trouble.

Your task in this mission is to protect the technology from getting into the wrong hands and bring back Argus.

Sitting Ducks
Sitting Ducks is a mission where you need to rescue Argus, who is in trouble.
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Sitting Ducks Mission Walkthrough

You can get this mission by navigating through maps with the mission name indication pointed in certain locations.

Moreover, the exact location for triggering the location is the exact opposite street of the Suicide Slums Board.

As you stand at Zebra Crossings, a vehicle will head towards you, which will assign you to the quest.

However, after getting the quest you will be updated with the location on your map. So, navigate using the map.

Activating Sitting Duck Mission
Reach at the Suicide Slums location to activate this mission.

How To Complete Sitting Ducks?

Completing Sitting Duck’s mission is not a piece of cake as the goons that attacked the Argus are not normal.

They are one of the Superiors among the enemies and have special powers and combat skills.

Save Argus and secure Shrink Tech to free all civilians and non-civilians who are shrinked using the technology.

Dealing with them would be painful as they are huge with proper gear and weapons equipped.

Therefore, follow these steps to complete Sitting Ducks in Suicide Squad.

1. Head Towards The Location

Once you are done with taking the mission at the location, you will see the mission location on your map.

Head towards the location with your team and stay cautious of enemies on the way.

2. Formulate A Plan

Once you know your objective, take some time to formulate a plan of action to defeat enemies and enter the site.

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the obstacles you’re likely to encounter along the way.

3. Coordinate With Your Team

Communication is essential when undertaking the Sitting Ducks Mission as you alone cannot complete it.

Make sure to coordinate closely with your team members, assigning roles and responsibilities to each.

4. Stay Vigilant

As you progress through the mission, stay vigilant at all times as you can be attacked from anywhere.

Keep an eye out for enemy patrols, traps, and other potential threats, and be prepared to adapt your strategy.

5. Use Your Resources Wisely

Don’t forget to make use of your resources throughout the mission and use them wisely according to the situation.

Don’t go out with the most powerful weapons on normal enemies as more powerful enemies could be waiting.

6. Dealing With Green Lantern

The evil Green Lantern will show and antagonize you for a bit when you approach deeper into the mission location.

Moreover, thats only a brief encounter and the real enemies here happen to be Brainiac’s large goons.

Green Lantern In Suicide Squad
Green Lantern is one of the powerfull bosses and you have to pass him to approach ahead in mission.

7. Saving Argus

Head on over to rescue A.R.G.U.S. and touch down in the street outside of the location.

When you do, Flag will rush by and drop off Shrink Tech and all the shrunk people will get back to normal.

How To Defeat Brainiac’s Goons?

You need to make sure to use Grenades to defeat the Brainiac’s large goons as they deal high-area damage.

Also, don’t rush in, or else these goons will finish you off as their hoard bears huge damage output.

Therefore, stay at a distance and use high-damage weapons along with the Grenades to proceed further.

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