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Skull And Bones: Hells Blacksmith Quest Complete Guide

Among various NPCs, Blacksmith is the one located at a different location in Skull And Bones.

They are the NPCs, who provide valuable items and resources for players’ character to proceed in the game.

Players need to complete quests and various tasks to unlock access to the services provided by Blacksmiths in Skull and Bones.

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Who Is Blacksmith In Skull And Bone?

Skull and Bones features various NPCs within the game that sell various items, equipment, or services to the player characters.

Blacksmiths are one of the vendors in Skull and Bones responsible for crafting or selling weapons in many locations.

Each Blacksmith has different purposes and focuses on the cannons and other ship weapons in Skull and Bones.

One of the Blacksmith found in Sainte-Anne "Thomas Raferty"
One of the Blacksmiths found in Sainte-Anne is Thomas Raferty.

Thomas Raferty is the most accessible blacksmith, with a shop in Sainte-Anne where weapons, armor, and ammunition can be crafted.

Players can find them in Pirate Dens and Outposts and will craft new weapons in exchange for resources and silver.

The easiest way to find one of them is to take the first left after passing the hecklers at the entrance to the island.

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Guide To Skull And Bones Hells Blacksmith Quest

In Skull and Bones, Hells Blacksmith is the quest where players must dispose of the head and return the Cannon to one of the Blacksmiths.

Upon traveling, players may need to maneuver through the ocean, against the wind, near rival ships.

Players must set sail and visit the different locations to complete the quest.

However, here is the guide that players can follow to complete this quest in Skulls and Bones.

1. Ruined Lighthouse

The Ruined Lighthouse is an outpost in the East Indies, situated between the Nilam Sea and Cendono Strait.

It is a pirate outpost where players can rest, access their storage, fast travel, and even find a few blueprints.

However, it is directly south of Telok Penjarah, another central location filled with merchants, missions, and more.

2. Telok Penjarah

This is a location in the East Indies, a pirate den, a sharp northeast line from Sainte-Anne.

Telok Penjarah, this central hub, also contains a wide array of merchant NPCs ranging from Blacksmiths to Shipwrights.

3. Return The Ornate Cannon

Players need to bring the supplies to the Blacksmith in order to make him build weapons and other items for them.

Return The Ornate Cannon to Bagus Saputra
Return The Ornate Cannon to Bagus Saputra.

However, Bagus Saputra is the Blacksmith to whom players must return the Cannon to complete the quest.

Players have to give the Ornate Cannon to the Blacksmith “Bagus Saputra” in Telok Penjarah to craft the new items.

Hells Blacksmith Bugged In Skulls And Bones

One of the main progression paths in Skull and Bones is upgrading the ship and equipping valuable weapons.

Similarly, players must equip the cannons and use them effectively to get victory on the high seas in Skull and Bones.

However, some players state that there is a bug in the Hells Blacksmith quest in Skull and Bones.

They report that they made a mistake by giving the Blacksmith the ornate cannon before they disposed of the head.

Unfortunately, players affected by this bug are unable to retrieve the ornate cannon to complete the quest as intended.

This has caused frustration among players, as the bug prevents them from progressing in the quest 

However, players can try to resolve the issue by logging in with the mission tracked to get a new cannon.

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