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Skull And Bones Roving Mission: White Rum Trade

Skull and Bones features a Roving mission where players engage in trading, smuggling, and thrilling combat encounters.

Moreover, this mission offers players a thrilling and immersive experience where every decision counts to succeed in the game.

Selecting the right ship to set sail, managing resources, and using upgraded weapons while on the mission will outwit potential threats.

Continue reading to learn more about the Skull and Bones Roving mission and get the idea to complete it effectively.

Skull and Bones features different missions where players will likely engage in intense naval battles against enemy ships.

Moreover, players might undertake missions involving smuggling contraband goods across the seas and trading with various factions.

Similarly, the Roving mission is the one where players need to sail to a certain location to meet with an overseas smuggler.

Craft the requested amount of Rum to deliver it
Craft the requested amount of Rum to deliver it to the overseas smuggler.

In this Helm mission, the Skulls and Bones smugglers will buy White Skull rum or opium from the players.

However, this mission adds diverse experiences, combining elements of naval exploration, trading, and combat encounters.

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How To Acquire White Rum In Skulls and Bones?

White Rum is the high-quality rum refined from the sugar cane by the Helm members.

However, players must acquire it first to deliver it to the smugglers in Roving Mission.

Meet up with the Overseas Smuggler to complete the order and get Pieces of Eight
Meet up with the Overseas Smuggler to complete the order and get Pieces of Eight.

Players will be rewarded with Pieces of Eight, in-game currency upon completing missions by The Helm Black Market. 

However, one of the most exciting ways to get White Rum is by looting it from other ships during naval battles.

Players can attack merchant ships, enemy pirates, or even elite captains to loot their cargo and resources.

Players yield substantial rewards upon engaging and defeating them in naval combat, but it also poses a significant challenge.

Hence, players must carefully manage their ship’s resources, crew morale, and combat tactics to secure the desired White Rum.

Once you accept the mission, fast travel is disabled and players must prepare for a long trip.

However, completing Roving Missions in Skull and Bones requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and effective execution.

Here is the guide that players can follow while engaging in Roving Mission in Skill and Bones.

1. Ship Selection

Players must ensure that their ship is adequately equipped and upgraded before embarking on a Roving Mission.

They must try to use medium-sized ships for their higher cargo capacity for transporting the goods.

2. Manage Resources

Players must manage their resources wisely, including ammunition, provisions, food, and crew morale.

By effectively managing these resources, players can enhance their chances of success and survival during the mission.

Stocking up on essential supplies before setting sail and monitoring resources during the mission will avoid shortages.

3. Upgraded Weapons

Players will encounter Rogue Ships along the way, who will attack them in an attempt to steal the cargo.

However, to effectively deal with these threats, players must prioritize upgrading the ship’s weapons to maximize the firepower in combat.

4. Maintain Distance

Players must keep their distance from Rogue Ships specialized in close-range weapons like demi-cannons or sea fire to avoid taking excessive damage.

Speed is key, they must utilize the ship’s speed to maintain distance while continuing to engage the enemy from a safe range.

However, improving the defensive capabilities by upgrading armor will mitigate damage to players’ ships and crew during combat encounters.

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