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What SOD Server Are Streamers Playing?

With Season of Discovery launching soon, players are excited to see what the season has in store.

SOD has four server realms in the Seasonal tab during the launch of the game.

Players are curious to know what Server Streamers are choosing in SOD as it impacts their gaming experience due to several reasons. Streamers can choose from multiple Servers available in the new seasonal tab.
Continue reading to learn about which type of SOD servers are most streamers playing.

All The Server Realms In SOD

There is a new tab in the realm selection screen called the Seasonal tab for Season Of Discovery.

The new tab is only visible when you update the client to the latest version.

Further, there are currently four realms listed in that tab:

  • Normal PVE
  • Two PVP
  • RP PVP
Realm section in SOD
There are four realms in the Seasonal tab of new WOW SOD.

However, these servers are always subject to change according to the situation.

Further, the names of the servers have also not been revealed yet and appear on the screen as ‘A Realm.’

On the contrary, Hardcore only has two servers with only PVE and no PVP server options.

Meanwhile, Classic Era has a set of mixed servers with PVP, PVE, and RP PVP in different time zones.

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What Server Are Streamers Choosing In SOD?

There are many streamers who stream their WoW gameplay on different platforms.

These streamers greatly influence how the game is played and what realms to choose among the large audience.

In SOD, playing on a Streamer server can impact the gaming experience for players.

Further, streamers can break the server when it launches with a massive influx of one faction and form a long queue.

Ahead of the game’s release, players are curious about what different streamers are choosing.

Here is the information regarding the selection of server by some streamer in SOD:

1. Asmongold TV

Asmon Gold is one of the popular WoW streamers who has been streaming the content for a long time.

He is known for his humorous commentary and the PvP battles.

Further, he’ll probably play on the PvP realm server as a Horde character.

2. Sodapoppin

He’s one of the popular streamers and often collaborates with Asmongold TV.

Sodapoppin is a skilled PvP and PvE player often seen playing challenging content.

3. Quin69

Quin69 plays Mankrik server as an Alliance character in Wow Classic.

He has excellent skills as a PvP player, so that he can choose the PvP server in SOD.

4. Esfand

Esfand is a popular streamer who plays as an Alliance character in the Faerlina Server in Wow Classic.

Further, he is the leader of the Guild ‘The Crusade’ which is one of the largest guilds on the server.

He may choose to play in the PvP or PvE realm server.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the new season of WoW SOD introduces a new experience for players with multiple servers.

Players have four different options as to which realm to play in the seasonal tab.

Streamer server in SOD depends on their gameplay, skills, and their preferences.

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