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Unravel The New SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 In Escape From Tarkov

The new update of Escape From Tarkov introduces a new map, new quests, and new weapons like SPEAR 6.8×51.

Hence, players can use this new weapon in the game after they have updated the game to the latest version.

In Escape From Tarkov, SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 (.277 FURY) is a new assault rifle that is the first to use the 6.8x51mm bullets in the game. The attachments in this gun make it a very versatile weapon during the gameplay.

In this article, we will explore SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 in Escape from Tarkov and ways to unlock it.

What Is SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 In Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is known for constantly bringing new changes in their games with new releases.

Similarly, they have introduced six new weapons in the game including an Assault Rifle.

Specifically, it is the SIG MCX SPEAR AR that uses 6.8×51 mm bullets in its magazine.

SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 In tarkov
New SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 Assault Rifle In Escape from Tarkov.

The gun shares some resemblance to SCAR because of their similar color shades.

It has a presence of its own as it is the first gun in Tarkov that uses 6.8x51mm bullets.

Therefore, players are very excited to unlock and use this gun as soon as possible.

However, they must note that it might be temporarily vaulted as every new weapon has insane buffs.

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How To Unlock SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 In Tarkov?

Currently, it is unknown how to unlock the new SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 in the game.

This is because the new update just dropped on December 27th so players have more to unravel.

However, players are already speculating via a Reddit thread that it might be tied to a challenging quest.

Also, a user mentioned a link to the Logistic Solutions X account where they posted the following stats about the gun.

SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 stats
Leaked SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 stats on the X platform.
  • SIG Hybrid: 72 Damage
  • 47 Pen 
  • +3 Accuracy 
  • +10 Recoil 
  • 914ms 
  • 58 Armor DMG
  • SIG FMJ : 80 Damage | 36 Pen | 899ms | 49 Armor DMG

However, the legitimacy of these stats is yet to be confirmed by Tarkov players.

New Weapons Alongside SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 In Tarkov

The SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 is not the only weapon released in the recent Escape from Tarkov changelogs.

Also, the game has updated the models and animations for Simonov SKS 7.62×39 carbine.

Here are all 5 new weapon releases plus the new SKS carbine in the game according to the changelogs:

S.NModelBullet Type
1.KBP 9A-91 compact assault rifle9x39
2.KBP VSK-94 rifle9x39
3.SIG MCX SPEAR (.277 FURY) assault rifle6.8x51
4.Degtyarev RPD machine gun7.62x39
5.Degtyarev RPDN machine gun7.62x39
6.Updated Version Of Simonov SKS carbine7.62x39

The Bottom Line

The new 6.8×51 SIG MCX SPEAR is already a fan favorite in the online community.

Hence, they must update the game to its latest version to enjoy the first-hand feel of the gun.

Therefore, they must be active in online Tarkov Communities to find out how to unlock this weapon.

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