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Starfield Hard Target Rifle: How To Obtain?

Starfield is a video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

There are several powerful rifles available in Starfield that players can acquire and use.

You can get a hard target rifle in Starfield by building a solid reputation with factions like the Freestar Collective, facing powerful bosses in epic battles. Moreover, you can search for them in black market vendors in major cities.

In this article, we will learn about the hard target rifle and how to acquire it.

The Best Rifles In Starfield

There are several powerful rifles available in Starfield that players can acquire and use.

Some of the best include the Manticore X4 laser rifle, the Crusader repeating laser rifle, and the hard target rifle.

The Manticore X4 is a highly accurate laser rifle with a fast fire rate.

It deals high damage but overheats quickly if fired continuously.

The Crusader is a fan favorite that never overheats, allowing sustained fire. Moreover, it’s a solid all-around choice.

However, the hardest-hitting rifle in Starfield is the legendary hard-target rifle.

It’s a bolt-action sniper rifle that deals massive damage.

Moreover, it is enough to take down even the toughest enemies and targets with just one well-placed shot.

With the right perks and mods, the hard target rifle truly shines as the best long-range weapon in Starfield.

What Is Hard Target Rifle In Starfield?

The hard target rifle in Starfield is a high-powered, long-range bolt-action sniper rifle.

Additionally, it is prized for its ability to penetrate heavy armor.

They are designed to take down heavily armored or shielded targets known as hard targets.

In Starfield, hard targets typically include mechs, power armor units, heavily armored aliens, robots, and vehicles.

hard target rifle
Hard Target Rifle in Starfield.

The hard target rifle achieves this through a combination of high-caliber rounds.

Additionally, it includes a powerful recoil booster and specialized penetrating ammunition.

It trades a fast fire rate for unparalleled stopping power. Accuracy and damage are its strong suits.

It can reliably punch through even the thickest alloys or ablative shielding with a single well-placed shot from long distances.

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Where To Find Hard Target Rifles And How To Get Them

If you’re hunting elusive hard-target rifles in Starfield, you’re in for a challenge, but the rewards are worth it.

Here’s a detailed guide on where to find these prized weapons and how to get your hands on them:

1. Faction Reputation

Building a solid reputation with certain factions is a reliable way to obtain hard-target rifles.

Factions like the Freestar Collective often possess advanced weapon technology.

To earn their trust, take on high-level contracts for them.

Successfully completing these missions can sometimes reward you with a prototype hard target rifle as a token of goodwill.

2. Boss Battles

Prepare for epic battles against powerful bosses or mini-bosses who serve as elite enforcers for various factions.

These foes are formidable but can drop hard-target rifles when defeated.

Examples include taking down a heavily armored Crimson Fleet mech or defeating a high-ranking Regulators officer.

deal with crimson fleet
Examples include taking down a heavily armored Crimson Fleet mech or defeating a high-ranking Regulators officer.

Be sure to bring your A-game, as these battles won’t be a walk in the park.

3. Black Market Vendors

Keep an eye out for black market vendors in major cities.

While they may occasionally have hard-target rifles for sale, they won’t come cheap.

You’ll need a high barter skill and a substantial sum of credits to negotiate a purchase.

Be prepared to haggle, as getting the best deal might require some skillful persuasion.

Remember, hard-target rifles are rare and sought after for a reason.

It may take time and effort to acquire one.

Stay persistent in your efforts, continue building faction relationships, and be vigilant in boss battles.

You can eventually find or earn one of these highly coveted weapons with patience and determination.

In the vast universe of Starfield, obtaining a hard-target rifle is a testament to your skill and dedication as an explorer.

So gear up, build those faction relationships, and prepare for epic battles – your prized weapon awaits!

The Benefits Of Acquiring A Hard Target Rifle And Why It’s The Best

Acquiring a hard-target rifle in Starfield has several clear benefits, making it the premier long-range weapon.

First, it simply hits the hardest of any weapon, capable of killing even the toughest enemies in a single shot.

This eliminates drawn-out fights with bullet sponges.

Second, its penetrating rounds allow engaging targets that cower behind heavy cover.

It includes mechs hiding behind alloy shields with ease.

No other weapon so reliably defeats defensive layers.

Third, its extreme range and accuracy allow it to engage enemies from a safe distance outside their detection or retaliation range.

This keeps players safer than CQB weapons.

With the right perks and attachments focusing on damage, penetration, or stealth.

Moreover, it remains effective right up until the final boss encounters the game.

For these reasons, the hard target rifle is the premier choice for long-range engagements in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, the ultimate rifle is the hard target rifle.

A bolt-action sniper rifle can take down tough enemies with a single well-placed shot.

To get one, build a faction reputation, face challenging bosses, or search for it in black market vendors.

It’s the top choice for long-range combat in Starfield, offering unmatched precision and damage.

One can make it the best weapon for taking on hard targets in the game.

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