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MW3: Stormender Camo Challenges Bugged

Recently, several players have reported that the Stormender camo challenges are bugged and not responding in Modern Warfare 3.

Similarly, players have reported that they cannot progress to the next level even after killing 25 enemies with Stormeneder EMP.

Most players think the Stormender camo challenges are bugged since they cannot register the progress even after hitting 25 enemies with Stormender EMP.

Continue reading to learn more about the Stormender Camp Challenges and determine whether it is bugged in MW3.

Unveiling The Stormender Camo Challenges

Players cannot directly participate in the Stormender Camo Challenge in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

You should complete several challenges before embarking on the Stormender Camo Challenge.

Similarly, players must first complete all 36 Forged Camo challenges before unlocking the priceless camo for the Stormeder launcher.

Only after completing all 36 Forged Camo challenges, the journey to individual challenges for the Stormedner Launcher begins.

During the Stormender Camo Challenge, players must achieve 10 kills while staying out of the enemy’s line of sight.

Moreover, the primary objective of the Stormender Camo Challange is to Hit 25 enemies with the Stormender EMP.

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Stormender Camo Challenges Bugged In MW3

Recently most users have reported experiencing the bug during their Stormender Camo Challenge in MW3.

Similarly, the main problem is arising particularly in the Priceless Camo progression for the players.

During the Stormender Camo Challenge, players must affect at least 25 enemies with the Stormender EMP.

However, despite affecting these 25 enemies with the Stormender EMP, the kills are not registered accurately.

Stormender Camo Challenge
Players can progress through the Stormender Camo Challenge by affecting 25 enemies with the Stormender EMP.

Due to this reason, the dedicated efforts of players have gone to waste and they are disappointed with MW3.

The players cannot progress to the next level despite their efforts to complete the challenge by securing more than 25 kills.

It has been several weeks since the bug has been causing issues for the players.

However, the official response is the issue is under investigation, and players should be more patient.

Thus, this bug frustrates players actively seeking a solution to the Stormender Camo Challenge.

Zombie Mode As A Temporary Solution

Many players seek alternative paths to solve the potential bug and earn the Stormender camo.

If you are frustrated with the bug, try exploring the Zombie mode as a temporary solution for Camo progression.

stormender camo challenges bugged
Players can visit the Zombie Mode and try securing 250 Zombie Kills as an alternative for grinding Stormender challenge.

Since the glitch renders in the multiplayer challenge, you can explore Zombie mode to complete the Stormender camo grind.

Similarly, during the Zombie mode, players must secure 250 Zombie kills and an additional 100 kills during the Xville round.

Since the Zombie spawns more frequently than ever before, players can easily get 250 kills for completing the Sotrmender camo grind.

Moreover, also the Xville timer appears to have been buffed, providing a smoother gaming experience for players.

Also, you can visit several gaming forums and discussion communities to find the potential workaround and solutions for these bugs.

The Bottom Line

It is common to face unexpected glitches and bugs in the realm of online gaming.

Recently, the Stormender Camo challenges bug in Call Of Duty: MW3 has undoubtedly disrupted the gameplay experience.

Until the developers try to fix these issues, players can complete their Stormedner Camo grind by killing Zombies.

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