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Insurance Not Working In Tarkov: With Solutions

Recently most players have reported that their Insurance is not working in Escape From Tarkov.

Due to this issue, players cannot insure items like weapons armor, and containers.

In Escape From Tarkov, players can perform a thorough examination of their insurance algorithm and discard insured items in hidden locations to solve the error of the insurance system not working. 

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Escape From Tarkov Insurance Quest

In the vast realm of Escape From Tarkov, insurance plays a vital role in shaping the player’s journey.

Insurance is one of the features of Escape From Tarkov that allows players to retrieve several items without delay.

Similarly, Insurance allows players to recover the items that are yet to be extracted from a rain in Tarkov.

However, the insurance system doesn’t insure every item in your loadout, you can only insure some of the specifics.

Insurance On Armor Tarkov
Players can insure their gear such as weapons and armor in Escape From Tarkov.

Players can only insure items like weapons and armor gears, containers, and Intel maps.

Even Within the containers, players can only use insurance on a  key tool, a Document case, or an item case.

 Nevertheless, players cannot insure the Consumable Items, Secure containers, Compass, Melee weapons, and Armbands.

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Insurance Not Working In Escape From Tarkor

Recently, most players have discussed the insurance system and its anomalies in several communities.

Similarly, there are several reports about the Insurance System not working in Escape From Tarkov.

The Insurance system is not functioning at the moment and it was pretty much expected after its recent wipe down.

Players haven’t received a single item back after the wipe-down and even missed other essential items as well.

Most of the players have reported that they were missing their insured items including their gear, dropped magazines, and masks.

Moreover, some players claim that their insurance returns are vague, with occasional success in reclaiming items.

Thus, players are raising doubts about the effectiveness of the current insurance system as insured items that were hidden failed to reappear.

Possible Solutions For Insurance Not Working

 The overall EST gaming community is waiting for an official response from the development team to solve the error.

Here are some of the measures for players to solve the Insurance System Error:

  1. Players should have their preferred insurers from the two insurers in EFT: Prapor and Therapist.
  2. As these insurers offer different return times and costs, players should choose their insurer effectively.
  3. Players must discard insured items in the hidden locations within the map to prevent looting.
  4. Players can perform a thorough examination of the insurance algorithm and perform a quick bug fix.
Choosing The Insurer in Tarkov
Players can choose among the two insurers in Escape From Tarkov.

If the insurance issue persists after trying these steps, you can do nothing besides waiting for developers to resolve this ASAP.

The Bottom Line

The sudden issues surrounding the Insurance System caused havoc around the gaming communities of EFT.

Players are frustrated since some of them got inconsistent ent returns while others did not get any returns at all.

Developers should address these issues immediately and resolve the insurance system and its returning policy.

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