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How To Destroy The Cannon In Suicide Squad?

“Destroy the Cannon” is the first boss mission in the videogame “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.”

In this mission, the player must destroy Brainiac’s powerful cannon, which is used to control the Justice League.

The mission involves fighting through waves of opponents and eventually destroying the cannon.

Continue reading to learn about Cannon Boss and how to destroy the cannon in a suicide squad.

Introduction To Cannon Boss In Suicide Squad

The Cannon boss in Suicide Squad is an impressive opponent that the player must beat during the “Destroy the Cannon” task.

The Cannon has a large health bar and must be damaged by throwing terminaut at its vulnerable places.

To deliver damage to the Cannon, the player must collect a certain number of terminaut and toss them at its weak points.

destroy the cannon terminaut
Gather the Terminaut to throw it on the Cannon.

The number of terminaut necessary rises with each stage, making the battle increasingly difficult.

In addition, the player must keep himself alive by shooting at the opponent’s legs and Shield Harvest.

To win the boss fight, you must use combat skills, teamwork, and strategy.

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How To Destroy The Cannon In Suicide Squad?

“In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the first boss battle is against the cannon.

To defeat the cannon, the player must eliminate every opponent before throwing terminauts at its vulnerable points.

1. Defeat Swarm Of Enemies

In the first stage, you have to defeat the swarm of enemies available in the combat zone of the cannon.

Therefore, you have to collect the Terminauts dropped in the ground by the defeated swarm enemies.

The player must collect 5 Terminauts and toss them at the first vulnerability.

After tossing the Terminauts on the cannon, the weak point of the cannon will open for a while.

In that opening period, you have to get close and inflict damage with your gun as much as you can.

After inflicting the required damage, the first stage of the mission of destroying the cannon is completed.

2. Collect Terminauts

After completing stage 1, you will get another wave of swarm enemies on the battlefield.

Therefore, the difficulty of proceeding to another stage will be higher than the previous stage.

In this stage, you have to collect 10 Terminauts while defeating the group of enemies.

Again, you have to throw the Terminautss and you have to damage the cannon after the opening of the weak point.

3. Penetrate The Cannon 

In this stage, the swarm of enemies and the requirements for the Terminauts will increase.

The difficulty for the players will increase as the health of the cannon boss decreases.

Therefore, players will have to collect 12 Terminauts while defeating the swarm of enemies.

damage the weakpoint cannon
Damage the opening weak point of the cannon.

4. Defeat The Cannon Boss

Destroying the Final boss and the most difficult stage for you from the other 3 stages.

However, the player must repeat those same methods for this final stage of the cannon boss.

The player will have to defeat the swarm enemies to collect and throw 16 Terminauts on the cannon boss.

Then, inflict damage as soon as the weak point of the cannon opens.

Therefore, the cannon will be destroyed once all four stages have been completed.

Which Character Is Better To Use To Defeat Cannon Boss?

Suicide Squad members like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark have distinct powers and talents.

Therefore, they may be tactically used during the boss fight; however, Harley boasts due to her swinging ability.

Experimenting with multiple characters can help players find the optimal combination that matches their playstyle.

Therefore, it will help you defeat while complementing the team’s overall plan.

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