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The Conjuring WOW SOD: How To Complete It?

Players need to complete The Conjuring quest in WOW SOD as a part of Metamorphosis Rune quests.

There are several quests in the World of Warcraft, among which The Conjuring is one.

The Conjuring is a mini-quest in WOW SOD in which players have to find an item called Blood of the Legion, which will help to trap an ancient demon.
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What Is The Conjuring Quest In WOW SOD?

The Conjuring is one of the Quest in World of Warcraft, Season of Discovery which is of Elite type.

Moreover, players should have a level of 20 for this quest and this quest has a level of 28.

In the same way, you will need to collect 10 Blood of the Legion as a part of this quest.

The Conjuring Quest
Starting The Conjuring Quest in WOW SOD.

Similarly, players will need the Blood of the Legion to carry out a ritual to call out Des’Altek.

Additionally, Des’Altek is a demon who escaped from the prison; thus its soul needs to be trapped again.

Completing The Conjuring Quest In WOW SOD

The Conjuring quest is a part of the Metamorphosis Rune quest which is around Ashenvale location.

Moreover, players need to complete other preceding quests of the Metamorphosis quest to start this.

In the same way, you have to start this quest with the help of Doan Karhan in The Barrens location.

Additionally, players have to collect 10 Blood of the Legion now and then go to the altar in Demon Fall Ridge.

Similarly, you must perform the ritual specified in the game to summon the Des’Altek demon.

Furthermore, once the players capture the soul of Des’Altek, they will complete this quest.

What Is Blood of the Legion?

The Blood of the Legion is one of the quest items that players need in The Conjuring Quest.

Moreover, this item is unrelated to any guild, specifically the Blood Legion in World of Warcraft.

Similarly, Blood of the Legion has an item level of 1 and has a maximum stack limit of 10.

Furthermore, players can loot this item from Legion Hounds in Demon Fall Canyon, Ashenvale for this quest.

In the same way, Blood of the Legion is also dropped by other demons which are as follows:

  • Mannoroc Lasher
  • Felguard
  • Searing Infernal

What Is Metamorphosis Rune Quest?

Metamorphosis Rune quest focuses on players finding an item called Metamorphosis in WOW.

Moreover, Metamorphosis allows the players to transform into a demon and increase their overall stats and abilities.

Similarly, you will have to complete 4 quests which require level 20 each to get this item.

Obtaining the Metamorphosis in WOW SOD.

In the same way, The Conjuring Quest is the 3rd quest in the Metamorphosis Rune walkthrough.

Additionally, the other 3 quests of this quest are as follows:

  • The Orb of Soran’ruk Quest
  • Mysterious Traveler Quest
  • Raszel Ander

The Bottom Line

Overall, The Conjuring Quest in World of Warcraft is important as players can trap the soul of the Des’Altek demon.

Similarly, players can easily complete this quest by finding the Blood of the Legion and performing the ritual.

Moreover, completing this quest will take you one step closer to getting the Metamorphosis item.

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