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Lethal Company VIP Employee: A Speculative Guide

Lethal Company is a game where you play as an employee of a company that specializes in destroying planets for profit.

You can rank up in the company by completing missions and collecting items.

A player can have a VIP badge and a high Employee rank, which shows status and achievements. However, there is no official term for VIP Employee in the game.

In this article, we will explore everything about the ranks in the Lethal Company and the VOP Employee.

What Is Ranks In Lethal Company?

Ranks in Lethal Company is a guide by Deltarr on Steam Community that lists the player ranks you can get in the game.

Likewise, they are a way of measuring your performance and skill in the game.

They are based on the amount of XP you earn by collecting scrap and surviving on different moons or planets.

However, you can increase your rank by earning high grades on your runs, depending on scrap collection.

Moreover, you can also lose rank by earning low grades or failing to meet your quota.

Likewise, it will result in a rank reset, however, it does not affect your gameplay or rewards.

employee lethal company
Employee Rank is a reliable and competent worker in Lethal company.

Five Ranks In Lethal Company

There are five ranks in total, and are given below:

1. Intern (0 – 50 XP)

This is the game’s lowest rank; you start with this rank and need 0 to 50 XP to maintain it.

You are still learning the ropes and have much to prove to the company.

2. Part-Time (50 to 100 XP)

This is the second-lowest rank in the game, and you need 50 to 100 XP to achieve and keep this rank.

You show some potential and dedication but are not fully committed yet.

3. Employee( 100 to 200 XP)

This is the middle rank in the game, and you need 100 to 200 XP to reach and stay at this rank.

You are a reliable and competent worker but still have room for improvement.

4. Leader (200 to 500 XP)

This is the second-highest rank in the game, and you need 200 to 500 XP to attain this rank.

You are a skilled and experienced professional who can lead and inspire others.

5. Boss (500 to Still Unknown)

The highest rank you can achieve in the game is Boss, which requires over 500 XP.

Bosses are the elite and the best of the best, as everyone respects and fears them.

Additionally, they can easily handle any moon or planet.

Furthermore, you can assign different roles to your crew members, such as Operator, Hauler, and Delver, to optimize your chances of survival.

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 Is There Any VIP Employee In Lethal Company?

No, there is no VIP employee in Lethal Company as of now. The game does not have such a rank or role.

However, there is a VIP badge that you can get by joining a private server, exclusive servers created by players with a VIP server code.

These codes can be obtained by purchasing them with the currency of Roblox or by using some of the free codes that are available online.

This badge does not affect your rank or XP. You can have both VIP badge and Employee ranks simultaneously, but they are not an official group or name in the game.

Moreover, they just enjoy the game and have invested time and money into it.

They are not different from other players in gameplay or rewards; they just have some extra badges and options to customize their experience.

If you want, you can call them VIP employees, but it’s not a term that the game or the developers use.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company has no other badges you can earn by completing achievements.

However, some players have suggested this idea to the developers.

Hopefully, this guide can help you learn everything about VIP Employee in Lethal Company.

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