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How To Complete The Flautist Quest In Remnant 2?

Completing the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2 can be challenging, especially if you struggle with the Flautist quest.

The Flautist Quest in Remnant 2 helps you complete the Water Harp puzzle to lead to the Corrupted Ravager’s lair. Pass through the faithless thicket to enter Kaeula’s rest, retrieve the temple key and Kaeula’s tear, defeat Kaeula’s shadow, and exit to Forbidden Grove to finally solve the Water Harp puzzle.

Sounds confusing? Here is a guide to completing the Flautist quest in Remnant 2.

Introduction To The Flautist Remnant 2

Did you know Remnant 2 is already gaining popularity, with over 80,000 users playing it immediately after its release?

Remnant 2 offers even more exciting and complicated quests than its predecessor Remnant: From the Ashes, with some old characters, including the Flautist.

The Flautist, also called pan Flautist, is a recurring character in the Remnant series who will guide through quests inside Yaesha, one of the game maps.

flautist quest in remnant II
Find the Flautist sitting atop an excellent warrior statue playing instrument aulos. 

It gives you directions to Yaesha‘s prominent Boss, Ravager, and even offers rewards or sells equipment or items; hence an essential part of the game.

Moreover, completing the Water Harp Puzzle relies on satisfying the Flautist Quest.

How To Complete The Flautist Quest In Remnant II?

Completing the Flautist Quest requires solving the Water Harp puzzle by pulling pins beneath the symbols in a specific order to play a tune.

Here is how to complete the Flautist’s Quest in the Water Harp Puzzle.

1. Enter The Faithless Thicket

The Flautist quest begins with entering the Faithless Thicket, an area inside Yaesha.

It is where you may encounter the Flautist and enemies like Root Wisp and Nexus’s Root Boss.

defeat nexus boss
The Nexus boss will send enemies towards you to prevent attacks. use various play styles to tackle the Nexus Boss.

Defeating the root boss involves killing the minions, which may be difficult.

2. Defeat Enemies

You must travel to the nearby Kaeula’s Rest, home of Pan Demigod corrupted by the root.

Defeat enemies like the Root Tumbler and Root Sniper to clear your way toward the Temple Key.

Retrive temple key in remnant II
The temple key is lying on the floor in the ruins of Kaeula’s rest.

3. Find The Enclosed Temple Door

The sole purpose of the Kaeula’s Rest is to retrieve the Temple key, which opens the doorway to the Temple.

Find the enclosed temple door and use your retrieved key to open it. It might not be as challenging as traversing the Faithless Thicket.

4. Retrieve Kaeula’s Tear

The following approach involves traversing the ruins of Kaeula Temple to retrieve Kaeula’s Tear.

kaeula's tear in Remnant II
You will find the temple key resting at the foot of the Kaeula statue.

A waterfall and the Kaeula statue in the foreground mark the site. 

5. Exit Kaeula’s Rest

Upon retrieving Kaeula’s Tear, you will be challenged by Kaeula’s shadow boss.

defeating kaeula's shadow boss
Kaeula’s Shadow is a corrupted Pan demigod.

Defeat the enemy from the distance as its tentacles can quickly grab you and drain your life. Upon defeating it, exit Kaeula’s Rest.

6. Solve Water Harp Puzzle

Return to Forbidden Grove to access the lever unlocking the Water Harp.

the flautist quest in remnant II
Pull the lever to initiate the process of solving the water harp puzzle

The final step is to solve the Water harp Puzzle that holds the passage to defeat the Corrupted Ravager.

solve water harp puzzle
A water harp is an elaborate musical instrument with musical notes you must match.

There are five symbols and eight pegs, with five pegs per row on the water harp instrument, where you must set the pegs correctly to solve the Water Harp puzzle.

RowDirection of Peg
1st RowRaise 5th Peg
2nd RowSkip
3rd RowRaise 4th Peg
4th RowSkip
5th RowRaise 3rd Peg
6th RowRaise 4th Peg
7th RowRaise 1st Peg
8th RowSkip

Next, pull the lever beside the puzzle, which will play the tune and reveal the doorway to the main villain’s nest.

Upon completing the quest, the excellent water harp will open the way to the main boss.

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The Bottom Line

Many gamers opine that the Water harp puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles in Remnant 2.

The abovementioned statement holds true because you must fight many battles, retrieve the key, and solve the final puzzle to gain access to the main boss.

Let us know in the comments which part of the Water Harp puzzle you found more challenging.

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