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Starfield Marco Choice: Kill Or Negotiate

Marco is the mastermind behind a smuggling cartel that deals with weapons, drugs, and enslaved people.

He begs you to spare his life and gives you a generous bribe.

Do you agree to his terms, or do you kill him?

The Starfield Marco choice is killing or accepting Marco’s bribe. This affects players’ relationships with the Freestar Collective and their companions. Therefore, they have to weigh the pros and cons of each option and decide what kind of hero they want to be.

Continue reading to explore the consequences of accepting his offer or rejecting it.

Who Is Marco In Starfield?

Marco Graziani is the leader of the First, a crime syndicate in the Cheyenne Star system.

He owns the Red Mile, a cantina on Codos, one of the moons of Akila.

Further, he is involved in a quest called On the Run.

In this quest, he is the target of the faction Freestar Collective.

Moreover, it supports the independence of the frontier worlds from the United Colonies. 

The player, working as a Freestar Ranger, has to track down Marco.

Further, he must confront him in his ship, Fortuna, which is docked near Codos.

starfield marco choice
Marco is the leader of the crime syndicate.

What Does On The Run Quest Involve?

On the Run, a quest involves a lot of choices and consequences for the player.

Players have different outcomes and rewards depending on how they approach the quest.

The Satrfiled Marco chooses to kill Marco Graziani or accept his bribe.

However, these choices have their consequence.

1. Kill Marco Graziani

Killing Marco Graziani is one of the possible ways to complete the quest On the Run.

It is a risky but rewarding option that has some benefits and drawbacks.

If you kill Marco Graziani, his bodyguards will attack you.

However, you can loot their bodies and Marco’s spaceship for items and materials.

These are worth more than the 2500 Credits he bribes you with.

However, you must face more enemies and use more ammo and health items during the fight.

the red mile
Marco owns the Red Mile.

You will also have to deal with the consequences of killing a prominent crime lord in the Cheyenne Star system.

Further, you can improve your relationship with your companions.

They will appreciate your loyalty to the Freestar Collective and your sense of justice.

However, you will miss out on some alternative quests and rewards.

Further, the Encrypted Slate contains valuable information about the First’s operations and their mysterious employer.

freestar collective
Companions will appreciate your loyalty to the Freestar Collective.

2. Accept His Bribe

Accepting his bribe means negotiating with Marco Graziani.

However, it is one of the possible ways to complete the quest On the Run.

However, you will avoid combat with Marco, his guards, and his ship’s security turrets.

You can receive credits and the Encrypted Slate that you need for your quest from Marco.

perform on the run quest, starfield marco choice
You need to perform the On The Run quest.

Additionally, you will have access to Fortuna without any significant value in gameplay benefits.

Further, your companion will disapprove of your decision to make a deal with the bandit overlord.

You will let the First crime syndicate operate freely without further interference from the Freestar Rangers.

The Bottom Line

Killing Marco is morally satisfying and profitable but requires more combat skills and resources.

Further, you will gain the respect of the Freestar Rangers and your companion.

However, sparing Marco is a pragmatic and peaceful option.

However, it comes with the cost of letting a criminal mastermind escape justice.

Thus, you will also lose the trust of the Freestar Rangers and your companion.

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