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Top Picks: The Best Penguin in Palworld

In the dynamic world of Palworld, Penguins can be considered a valuable Pal, particularly in aquatic and water-related activities.

Penguins in Palworld offer unique features and attributes that make them valuable companions.

Moreover, the best penguin could be attributed to Penking, an evolved form of Pengullet.

Continue reading to learn more about the best penguin pal in Palworld.

An Overview Of Penguin In Palworld

In Palworld, the term “Penguin” refers to a type of Pal, which are creatures you can capture and use for various purposes.

Further, these creatures help with basic tasks, engage in battles, and provide additional help as required.

Specifically, Pengullet and Penking are two penguin Pals in Palworld.

1. Pengullet

Pengullet is a common penguin Pal with valuable traits such as Handiwork, Transporting, Watering, and Cooling.

Pengullet plays a crucial role in watering Berry Plantations and operating the Crusher to convert stone into Palladium Fragments.

Pengullet is an initial pal with crucial watering ability, aiding base food production in Palworld.

Moreover, it is considered an excellent all-rounder Pal, contributing to base activities and defense.

2. Penking

Evolving from Pengullet, Penking undergoes a significant transformation, acquiring a range of enhanced capabilities.

Similarly, it reaches level 2 in traits like Handiwork, Transporting, Watering, Mining, and Cooling.

Penking is the best penguin that is versatile for base tasks and battles in Palworld.

This makes Penking a versatile and powerful Pal for both routine base tasks and battles.

Further, finding and evolving Penking adds an additional layer of challenge and accomplishment to the game.

Both Pengullet and Penking showcase the importance of Pals in Palworld, offering players diverse options for building.

Likewise, they also maintain their bases, engage in battles, and progress through the game.

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Who Is The Best Penguin Pal In Palworld?

Penking is the top-tier penguin Pal in Palworld, evolving from the earlier form Pengullet.

These upgraded traits make Penking highly versatile and capable in multiple aspects of the game.

When it comes to base management, Penking stands out for its ability to perform various tasks.

Moreover, its Handiwork trait allows it to handle crafting and construction efficiently.

Penking Stats in Palworld
Penking is a rare Pal in Palworld, and acquiring it brings many benefits.

Likewise, the transporting ability of Penking enables players to move items around, contributing to the organization of your base.

The Watering trait is crucial for maintaining Berry Plantations, ensuring a sustainable food source for your base.

Additionally, Penking’s Mining trait enhances its proficiency in gathering resources, making it a reliable Pal in resource-rich environments.

In battles, Penking showcases its Cooling trait, providing an edge against opponents in heated encounters.

This makes Penking not only a valuable asset for routine base activities but also a formidable ally in combat situations.

Overall, the evolution from Pengullet to Penking signifies a substantial improvement in the Pal’s capabilities in Palworld.

Furthermore, their diverse skills offer players a range of options for building, maintaining bases, and engaging in battles.

How To Catch The Best Penguin In Palworld?

In Palword, catching the best penguin requires careful consideration of some steps.

1. Location

Penking is typically found on a round island in the southeast part of the map.

Location Of Penking In Palworld.
You can find Penking at Alpha encounter northeast of the Abandoned Mineshaft.

Further, navigate to the specified location on your map to increase your chances of encountering Penking.

2. Preparation

Ensure you have reached an appropriate level and have the necessary equipment before engaging in the encounter.

Since Penking is a boss and will require some combat readiness.

3. Engaging Penking

Once you’ve reached the island, locate Penking, who is likely to be around level 25 on average.

Likewise, prepare for the battle by having sufficient Pal spheres to capture Penking.

4. Capture Attempt

At Last, engage with Penking in battle, reducing its health to a point where you can attempt a capture.

Use Pal spheres during the capture attempt, and if successful, Penking will be added to your Pal collection.

Additionally, be mindful of Penking’s attacks and patterns, and use dodging and strategic positioning to avoid taking too much damage.

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