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Druid Lifebloom Rune: How To Find It As Tauren?

Druid is a hybrid and versatile class in WoW, Season of Discovery, with multiple runes to discover.

The Lifebloom Rune is one of the twelve runes in the Druid Class.

The Druid Lifebloom Rune offers a powerful healing spell ability with improved healing efficiency. Players can discover the Lifebloom rune in different locations, either as a Tauren or Night Elves Druid in WoW.

Continue reading to learn more about the lifebloom rune and how to discover the rune as Tauren Druid in WoW.

What Is Lifebloom Rune In WoW SOD?

Lifebloom is a Druid Class Rune in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

After discovering this rune, players can engrave it into their gear to increase abilities and add new class spells.

Further, the Lifebloom Rune is a Leg Rune engraving that can be used to enhance Druid’s toolkit.

The Lifebloom Rune is a druid class rune in WoW
The Lifebloom Rune reduces the global cooldown on your Rejuvenation and lifebloom abilities by 0.5s.

It is used for healing and should be engraved onto the leg slot of the pants.

Thus, it is a heal-over-time spell that heals the target for a small amount for over 7 seconds.

Additionally, when the effect is dispelled, the target instantly heals for a large amount while the Druid regains half the cost of the spell.

Furthermore, the Lifebloom rune can be stacked up to three times on the same target.

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Druid Lifebloom Rune Discovery Location In WoW

Players can discover the Lifebloom Rune as Night Elves or Tauren for the Druid class.

For the Night Elves, it is located on the north side of the Teldrassil. There is a skeleton on the floor where the Harpies are.

You need to click that skeleton so that a summon will occur where another player in the group must help summon the lock ports.

Then, a spirit will spawn who will give you the lifebloom rune.

How To Get The Lifebloom Rune As Tauren In WoW?

Players must group up with another player to obtain the Lifebloom Rune in the druid class.

As a Tauren, you must speak to the Adventurer’s remains at coordinates 60,33, east of Mulgore, to begin the ritual.

It is inside the Venture Co cave near the northern exit in the Mulgore.

Druid Lifebloom Rune Location
The Lifebloom Rune is located inside the Venture Co Cave in Mulgore.

Then, click on it to open a summoning portal where your partner can click on it to help summon a spirit.

Further, after the Adventurer’s spirit appears, interact with it, and it’ll give you the Rune.

Obtaining the rune involves a collaborative effort of two players to activate the ritual and receive the rune.

After you get the Lifebloom Rune, you can activate the lifebloom ability to cast healing spells.

The Bottom Line 

In WoW, Season of Discovery, the Lifebloom Rune is a powerful rune in the Druid class that offers lifebloom ability.

It allows players to heal the target for more than 7 seconds up to three times.

Further, to discover the rune as a Tauren, players should begin at Mulgore and summon with a spirit.

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