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How To Get Kills With Upgraded Snowballs In Destiny 2?

Upgraded Snow Balls are the update that is introduced in the Dawning event of Destiny 2 with a festive cheer.

Players are eager to know more about how to get kills with upgraded snowballs in the game.

Players should focus on their aiming, timing, and precision of throwing snowballs to get kills with Upgraded Snow Balls in Destiny 2.

Continue reading to learn everything about Upgraded snowballs and ways to kill in Destiny 2.

What Is Upgraded Snowballs In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 introduces Upgraded Snowballs as part of the winter-themed Dawning event.

Players actively encounter special snow piles scattered across various locations in the game.

Players engage in snowball fights and use these upgraded snowballs in various activities.

The festive season of Dawning event
The festive season of the Dawning event in Destiny 2.
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Where To Look For Upgraded Snowballs In Destiny 2?

Upgraded Snowballs are typically found in the ground scattered like real snow.

Explore areas actively, and you’ll often find it in a specific place where festive items are scattered.

There are 4 places where you can look for Upgraded Snowballs in Destiny 2.

1. Glowing Piles Of Snow

You should always look for snow piles having a distinctive glow or shimmer as regular snow piles won’t have the same glow.

They are very similar to regular snow, so make sure to check if it’s glowing.

2. Social Spaces

There are social spaces in Destiny 2 like tower and farm areas where you can find decorations for the Dawning event.

Actively search for the glowing snow, which frequently hides in the area.

3. Participate In Dawning Quests

During the Dawning event, players encounter numerous quests, with some actively granting the Upgraded Snowball.

Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the chart of Eva Levante who is the vendor.

4. Specific Areas Of Event

In the game, there are specific areas designed only for the Dawning Event which are decorated accordingly.

You must stay updated on the locations introduced in the event and actively explore them.

Eva Levante quest chart
This is the quest chart where you can obtain upgraded snowballs.

Ways To Kill With Upgraded Snowballs In Destiny 2

Being an upgrade of a snowball, it can pack a strong punch that can leave your enemies frozen in a track.

Therefore, they are strong weapons that can deal numerous amounts of damage.

There are many ways to get kills with Upgraded Snow Balls.

  1. Precise and fast aiming: You should train yourself in the aiming lab to have precise aiming and be able to knock enemies in the first shot.
  2. Timing: Timing is always the key to the victory. So, you should not rush and rather take time and stay calm
  3. Knowing of damage type: You should know that Upgraded snowballs deal AOE damage which means it has splash damage and can deal with a group at one throw.
  4. Tactics: Upgraded snowballs can bounce off the walls and ground in first contact. So, you can bounce it right out the corner where enemies can’t see you.
  5. Using Combos: In the game, you can use combos like freezing your enemies with Statis Subclass (a weapon) and then use your upgraded snowball for a hit.
Destiny 2 Game play
Timing, Aim and Precision is the key to victory.

The Bottom Line

You can get kills with Upgraded Snowballs in Destiny 2 by upgrading your aiming skills and being precise in making decisions.

Therefore, knowing your skill level and weapons usability will help you to face your challenges.

Battle through the challenges of the game and use these ways to get kills with Upgraded Snowballs.

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