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Warframe Bird 3: Capture And Customize On Your Own

Bird 3 is a bird companion that can be obtained in Warframe, a free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter game.

Moreover, the Bird 3 is not just a scavenger that feeds on carcasses but also a loyal friend to the player.

Bird 3 is a term used for Condroc, a scavenging bird of prey native to Earth. To capture Bird 3 in Warframe, you need a Tranq Rifle and an Echo-Lure. You can also customize Bird 3 with different colors and features, which can help the player in combat and exploration. 

Continue reading to learn about Bird 3 and how to capture and customize in Warframe.

The Bird 3 In Warframe

Bird 3 is a term used for Condroc, a scavenging bird of prey native to Earth.

Condrocs are a wildlife species similar to real-life vultures; players can find them on the Plains of Eidolon.

However, they feed on the corpses of other animals and form groups called committees.

Players can hunt or capture them for various rewards.

There are three types of Condrocs, each with different characteristics and standings:

1. Common Condroc

The Common Condroc is the most abundant and easy-to-find type of Condroc. 

Generally, they eat carcasses but can also hunt small prey like Kuaka.

However, they help prevent disease outbreaks in the ecosystem by cleaning up the dead bodies. 

Contrarily, they reward 800 Standing when captured perfectly.

Bird 3 Warframe
Bird 3 is a term used for Condroc.

2. Rogue Condroc

Rogue Condroc is a rare and aggressive type of Condroc.

They have abandoned their committees and prefer to actively hunt prey, disrupting the balance of the ecosystem by destroying Kuaka and Mergoo nests.

 However, if you capture them perfectly, it rewards 1200 Standing.

3. Emperor Condroc

Emperor Condroc is a scarce and powerful type of Condroc.

Generally, they lead multiple committees and are respected by other Condrocs.

It is unknown how they became Emperors, whether by birth or their initiative. They can be either male or female.

Contrarily, they reward 1800 Standing if players capture them perfectly.

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How To Capture Bird 3 In Warframe?

To capture Bird 3 in Warframe, you need a Tranq Rifle and an Echo-Lure for the specific bird you want to capture. 

You can buy these items from The Business, Master Teasonai, or Son, depending on your Landscape.

After equipping the Tranq Rifle and Echo-Lure, look for animal droppings on the map. They are marked with a small blue icon.

Then, go to one of them and interact with it. You will see a trail of footprints leading to the animal’s nest.

Further, follow the trail until you reach the nest, and then use the Echo-Lure to attract the bird.

You must mimic the bird’s call by matching the pitch and timing of the sound waves on the screen.

When the bird arrives, you must shoot it with the Tranq Rifle to stun it.

Use the Tranq Rifle to stun Condorc.

However, be careful not to alert or damage the bird with other weapons.

You can use stealth abilities or mods to avoid detection. After you stun the bird, you can approach it and capture it.

In contrast, you will receive Standing and other rewards based on the rarity and quality of the capture.

Customize The Bird 3 Appearance In Warframe

You can access the customization options for your Warframe by going to the arsenal in your orbiter and selecting appearance.

You can see all the available items and settings for your Warframe and its companions there. 

Similarly, you can customize Bird 3’s appearance in Warframe differently and preview how they look before applying them.

1. Using Cosmetics Items

Use cosmetics such as skins, helmets, armor, sigils, and standings.

You can buy these items from the market, earn from events or missions, or craft from blueprints.

However, some of them are exclusive to certain Warframes or factions.

2. Using Color Palettes

Using color palettes allows you to change the colors of your Warframe and its attachments.

You can buy color palettes from the market or events or promotions.

Further, you can mix and match colors from different palettes.

3. Using mods

Mods can alter the appearance and abilities of your Warframe. One can contain mods from enemies, missions, or other sources.

You can equip mods on your Warframe using the mod bench in your orbiter. You can also upgrade, fuse, or transmute mods to improve their effects.

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The Bottom Line

Bird 3 is a unique and versatile companion that can enhance your Warframe experience.

Whether you want to customize his appearance, upgrade his abilities, or enjoy his company, Bird 3 is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

On the contrary, Bird 3 is more than just a bird; he’s a friend who will fly by your side, alert you of enemies, and even share his meals with you.

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