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Celebrating Christmas Event In Warframe: Tennobaum Treasures

In the Warframe Christmas event, players are allowed to send and receive gifts and participate in a Conclave event as well.

Moreover, by sending gifts, you contribute to the festive atmosphere and participate in the charitable aspect of the event.

The Warframe Christmas event, Tennobaum, brings festive joy with winter-themed activities, including the Snowday Showdown Conclave event. Players contribute to the holiday spirit by exchanging in-game gifts, impacting charity donations etc.

Continue reading to learn more about the Christmas Event, the leaderboard, and sending and receiving gifts in Warframe.

Christmas Event In Warframe

In Warframe, the Christmas event is called Tennobaum which runs throughout December, transforming the game into a Winter Wonderland.

The name Tennobaum is a play on words, blending Tenno, the in-game faction of players, with Baum, the German word for tree.

To add a playful touch to the holiday season, Tennobaum often features a Conclave event called Snowday Showdown.

In this event, Tenno engages in friendly competition, throwing snowballs at each other in a wintry landscape.

However, players are encouraged to participate in the spirit of giving by sending in-game gifts to fellow Tenno.

For every gift exchanged, the game developers, Digital Extremes, make donations to a chosen charity.

The charity also varies each year, and players contribute by collectively reaching certain gift milestones.

Likewise, in 2023, the chosen charity is The Shine Foundation.

And the more gifts exchanged, the larger the donation from Digital Extremes.

Therefore, Tennobaum has evolved over the years, starting with simple winter theming in 2012.

chosen charity in 2023
The Shine Foundation is the chosen charity in 2023.
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Christmas Event Leaderboard In Warframe

The leaderboard is like a scorecard that tracks and displays the generosity of players during the Christmas event.

It shows who has been the most generous by giving gifts to other players.

Players earn a spot on the leaderboard by giving gifts to their fellow Tenno.

The more gifts you give, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

It’s a real-time update so that you can see your position and the positions of other generous players.

There are two leaderboards: one that updates daily and another that shows the all-time generosity of players.

Daily leaderboards reset each day, providing a fresh start for everyone to compete.

However, being at the top of the leaderboard comes with its perks.

Top gifters receive special recognition, and their names are displayed prominently for the Warframe community to see.

displays the generosity
The leaderboard displays the generosity of players during the Christmas event.

Sending And Receiving Christmas Event Gifts

Here’s how you can send and receive Christmas Event gifts:

How To Send Christmas Gifts?

Follow the steps below to send a Christmas gift:

  1. Firstly, start by visiting the in-game Market which you can access through the main menu.
  2. Then, look for the Gift option next to the regular Purchase button and choose an item you’d like to gift.
  3. You can now select a recipient for your gift. This can be a friend from your Friends list, a clanmate, or even someone from your recent interactions.
  4. You have the option to include a short personal message along with your gift. 
  5. After selecting the recipient and adding a message, confirm your choices and send the gift.
  6. Hence, the chosen item will be deducted from your Platinum balance upon successful delivery.

How To Receive Christmas Gifts?

Follow these steps to receive a Christmas gift:

  1. When another player sends you a gift, it will appear in your in-game Inbox.
  2. Go to your Inbox, where you’ll find a notification about the received gift.
  3. Then, click on the message to view the details.
  4. Within the message, there will be an option to claim or accept the gift.
  5. After that, click on it to add the item to your inventory.
  6. The received item will now be part of your Warframe inventory, ready to be used or showcased in your arsenal.

The Bottom Line

Sending and receiving gifts at Warframe’s Christmas event is a heartwarming way to engage with the festivities.

Players can send gifts like Warframes, weapons, or cosmetic items to their friends or clanmates through the Market.

Therefore, the more gifts exchanged among players, the greater the rewards for the entire Warframe community.

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