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Where Is The Green Circle In Blox Fruits?

In Blox Fruits, players can collect the presents from the event islands standing within the green circle.

The green circle indicates the spawn location of the big present, which is a seasonal event that occurs during the holidays.

Green Circle In Blox Fruits is located at the different event Isalnds in all sea levels. Players must stand within the circle to collect the presents that contain rare fruits during the Christmas event.
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Green Circle In Blox Fruits: Where Is It Located?

Blox Fruits has introduced a new event on the occasion of Christmas.

In this event, players need to kill NPCs to obtain candies and fruits and to redeem different rewards.

Green Circle is the location where you will get the free fruits in the Christmas event of Blox Fruit.

Hence, in the Christmas event, players can get free fruits, candies, and Christmas goodies from different locations.

Blox Fruits Green circle
Players must be inside the Green circle when the fruits drop.

This Green Circle is located on the event island in all sea levels, i.e., the First Sea, the Second Sea, and the Third Sea.

Players who are inside the Green Circle get random free fruits in intervals of every 10 minutes.

However, players must wait till the timer runs out in the Green Circle to collect the dropped fruits.

So, make sure that you are inside the Green Circle when the fruits drop to collect them and progress in the event.

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Blox Fruit Third Sea: How To Get There?

Getting to the Third Sea is comparatively harder than the Second Sea, where you need high immunity to defeat the NPCs.

You must be fully prepared while grinding as you will find the Scripters exploiting and stealing kills in this sea.

Players defeating NPCs
Players defeating NPCs to enter the Third Sea.

Hence, to enter into the Third Sea, you must follow certain steps.

  • Head to the mansion and talk to Trevor.
  • Gift him some good fruits, to access the Boss room.
  • Once, you are in the Boss room, defeat the Boss and by making suitable strategies.
  • Go back to the Coliseum and talk to King Redhead.
  • Following his instructions, you will reach the next island where you need to defeat another boss.
  • After defeating the Boss, you will get one step closer to Third Sea.
  • Head to the Green Zone and talk to Mr. Captain.
  • Now, you will be directly teleported to the Third Sea.

Hence, players can access the Third Sea by reaching Lv. 1500+ and helping King Red Head.

Ways To Obtain Fruits In Blox Fruits

Players must go to the drop location, i.e., Green Circle on the island, and wait till the timer runs out to get the free fruits.

However, defeating NPCs requires a strategic process and a lot of experience in the game.

Hence, there are different ways that you can follow to collect the Fruits in Blox Fruits 2023.

1. Pick Up The Fruits That Randomly Drops

In Blox Fruits, fruits may also be obtained as random drops from defeated enemies.

Hence, be sure to explore and battle to increase your chances.

2. Defeat Enemies

Engage in the battles and defeat enemies to collect the fruits.

Furthermore, you will be rewarded with fruit drops after fighting them.

3. Explore Islands

Fruits can also be discovered while exploring the various islands within the game.

Fruits are often scattered across the islands so navigate through the different islands available in the game. 

4. Quests And Challenges

Completing various in-game quests and challenges rewards you with fruits.

However, quests can involve tasks and challenges like defeating enemies or delivering items.

The Bottom Line

Though challenging, dedicated players who take the time to acquire free fruits will feel immense satisfaction at their achievement.

Hence, every year Blox Fruits introduces exciting offers on special occasions like Christmas and New Year.

The journey may be long but this brings lots of fun in the game.

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