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Wishing All The Best Step 50 Full Guide

In Destiny 2, players must finish several steps to reach step 50 of the Wishing All The Best quest.

Players can receive several rewards like sniper rifles, lair keys, etc. after completing all the steps of the quest.

During step 50 of Wishing All the Best Quest in Destiny 2, you must take care of the Riven’s clutch from the village invasion until Mara Sov brings them another Ahamkara Egg. Your job is to defend Riven’s clutch from any intruders until Mara’s Technus calculates the Trajectory.

Continue reading to learn more about how to reach step 50 in Wishing All The Best Quest in Destiny 2.

What Is Wishing All The Best In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish takes players on a complicated journey full of challenges and interesting discoveries.

Hence, Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish introduces players to a big new quest called Wishing All the Best.

Wishing All The Best quest is about convincing Riven to grant the Witch Queen’s final wish by collaborating with Mara Sov.

Furthermore, The Wishing All The Best quest consists of 55 steps which unlock gradually each week.

Spirit of Riven
To reach step 50 of the Wishing All the Best quest, you must first speak to the spirit of the Raven.

Each step of the quest plays an important role in bringing you closer to the story that leads to The Final Shape.

Additionally, step 55 is the last step of the Wishing All the Best which plays a crucial part in the quest.

Thus, these steps are unlocked each week which means you can only engage in new steps by completing previous steps.

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1. Wishing All The Best Steps 42 To 44

After completing all the other steps in previous weeks, you must visit Riven to speak with him in step 42.

So head back to the HELM and speak with Riven and she will tell you that you need to visit Crow for step 43.

Then, go through the portal and find Crow to complete step 43 in the quest by speaking with Crow in the Helm.

After you finish speaking with the Crow you will get another task for step 44 which is to speak with Petra at the holoprojector.

2. Wishing All The Best Step 45

In step 45, you must defeat combatants and destroy vex oracles on the Dreaming city.

To complete step 45 you must kill the enemies and take out diamond-shaped spires in the Dreaming City.

You must go to three locations of the dreaming city to kill enemies in the spine of Keres, Harbinger’s seclude, and the gardens of Esila.

3. Wishing All The Best Step 46

The next step 46 involves completing Blind Well runs in the Dreaming City.

Furthermore, you must complete three tier two runs or two tier three runs to 100% progress in this step.

When you complete quest 46, you will receive an offering to the Oracle from the Blind Well.

Hence, you can then gain access to Mara’s throne room and the final egg after completing step 46.

4. Wishing All The Best Step 47

To get to step 47, you must jump through the portal into the Queen’s court.

Next, you must go to Mara’s throne and interact with it to complete step 47 of the quest.

5. Wishing All The Best Steps 48 

In the next part of the quest, Crow is ready to share his plan but Mara and Osiris have something to say about it.

So, to complete step 48 you must visit the HELM to hear what Maara and Osiris have to say about the Crow’s plan.

6. Wishing All The Best Steps 49

In the next phase of the quest, Riven has her thoughts on Crow and Mara to share.

Hence, step 49 of the Wishing all the best quest is to go back to Riven and speak to her.

Step 50 In Wishing All The Best Quest

Reaching Step 50 in the Wishing All the Best quest is not simple as it requires completing several challenges.

Like other steps in Destiny 2, completing step 50 in Wishing All the Best Season requires commitment.

During step 50, you will get a task to defend the Riven’s Lair until Mara Sov calls them again.

Also, Mara’s Technus continues to calculate the trajectory of Riven’s clutch as they move between realities.

Wishing all the best step 50
In Step 50 of the Wishing All the Best quest, guard Riven’s lair until Mara Sov brings another Ahamkara egg.

So you must buy them some time till they figure out the trajectory of Riven’s Lair clutch for another Ahamkara egg.

You must also guard Riven’s Lair and not let any intruders attack the village after completing step 50.

Finally, you can move on to new challenges after Mara Sov and her Techenus discover the possible location of the Ahamkara egg.

The Bottom Line

Players should complete all the steps with precision and efficiency before embarking on step 50 of the Wishing All the Best quest.

During this step, players have to take care of the Riven’s clutch from the village invasion.

Until Mara Sov brings you another Ahamkara egg, keep on defending the Riven’s Lair to complete step 50.

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