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Zoom Video Communications Settlement: An Overview

Users around the globe have received an email with the subject line “Zoom Video Communications Settlement.”

Recently, many users have received an email from Equipay claiming that users might be entitled to compensation from the settlement.

However, users must be careful in this digital age since most of the emails might be a scam these days.

Zoom Video Communications faced a lawsuit settlement due to several critical issues, such as unauthorized sharing of data and information with third parties and misrepresentation of end-to-end encryption, among others.

Continue reading to learn more about the Zoom Video Communication Settlement.

 Legit Zoom Video Communication Settlement Email

Most users have received the email titled ” Zoom Video Communication Settlement: Notice of Upcoming Settlement Payment.”

So, if you get the same email from [email protected], you will get certain privileges from the company.

Similarly, getting this email means the company has short-listed you in their part of a class action settlement of $85m.

Email From Epiqpay
The user is getting an email from Epiqpay about the settlement.

Besides that, users who have used Zoom from March 30, 2016, to July 30, 2021, will benefit from this offer.

Moreover, users can get a payment of about $32 for the unpaid version and $79 for their subscription cost.

Nevertheless, only users who filed a case with Zoom by March 5, 2022, can receive money.

Users who have met this prerequisite receive an email from Epiqpay to guide them through the payment process.

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Why Zoom Had To Go Through Lawsuit Settlement?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom was among the most popular online meeting platforms. 

Similarly, Zoom had to go through a lawsuit settlement because of the significant problems it faced during the pandemic.

This was the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, and almost every sector, from schools to offices, was using Zoom.

Some significant issues Zoom video communication faced during the settlement are discussed below.

  • Sharing User Info: Since many people used Zoom, it was accused of sharing your information through their software development kits(SDKs).
  • Sharing With Third Parties: Besides that, third-party app developers were using Zoom to share user info without permission.
  • Disrupted Meetings: Zoom could not prevent the meeting from getting disrupted by third parties.
  • False Encryption Claims: Zoom was claiming they were using end-to-end encryption during the meetings when they did not.

Because of these many reasons, Zoom video communication had to go through the lawsuit settlement.

Even if Zoom did not agree with the allegations, they still agreed to resolve this by settling for a settlement.

Just to avoid legal troubles, Zoom video communication made a lawsuit settlement..

Zoom’s Commitment To Provide Improved Security

After its chaotic lawsuit settlement in 2020, Zoom has significantly improved its security.

Similarly, Zoom has incorporated end-to-end encryption and other safety measures to protect your data.

Implementing end-to-end encryption was one of the best decisions for Zoom as it enhanced user security.

Thus,  Zoom in 2023 is safe, and users can enjoy its services without worrying about data breaches.

Zoom settlement
Zoom is one of the platforms for connecting people.

Moreover, this lawsuit settlement is a significant moment for Zoom for its online privacy and security.

Besides that, it also compensates the users for privacy breaches, therefore, they must keep users’ data safe in the future.

As a part of the settlement, Zoom has implemented a system to track meeting disruptions and end-to-end protection.

Also, they have implemented a process for dealing with law enforcement, added a suspend meeting button and many more.

The Bottom Line

The Zoom Video Communication settlement is legitimate, and it may entitle many users to compensation.

Moreover, Zoom has taken several measures to make its platform safer for users to prevent data breaches.

If you have met the requirements, claim your part of the settlement as this situation barely happens in online platforms.

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