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How To Complete A Nose For Business Quest Skull And Bones?

In Skull and Bones, players get growing ambitions, which eventually lead them to a new quest called A Nose for Business.

To fulfil their growing ambitions, players must meet Yanita Nara and speak to her at Le Pont Muet.

Yanita suggests to players how a Kingpin extends their network through the flow of illicit goods referring to smuggling.

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A Nose For Business In Skull And Bones

A Nose For Business is a quest in Red Isle that helps players build a smuggling empire in Skull and Bones.

Furthermore, A Nose For Business is a contract of a Kingpin’s Empire in Skull and Bones.

A Nose for business In Skull and Bones
A Nose For Business quest is to build an empire through the flow of illicit goods in Skull and Bones.

In this contract, players must collect the profits or Pieces of Eights they earn from the manufactory.

However, to collect the profits from the manufactory, the business operation must have generated profits.

How To Get A Nose For Business Contract?

Players get A Nose for the Business contract when they meet the manager of Le Pont Muet, Yanita Nara.

Yanita Nara will tell you that you can direct a smuggling empire that spans the entire globe.

If you are ready to follow Yanita’s guidance to build your smuggling empire she will give you the contract of A Nose for Business.

Once you accept the contract for a nose for the business, you must interact with the Helm Empire overview.

Next, players must purchase access to the Red Isle region to get the map of the Red Isle for collecting Pieces of Eight.

After unlocking the Red Isle region, players can access available Helm intel on business dealings within that region.

Players can get information on manufactories and secret small operations in settlements that generate pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones.

Moreover, players must also join the Hostile takeover through the map and seize their first manufactory.

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Completing A Nose For Business In Skull And Bones

After purchasing access to the Red Isle region, players must navigate the map and look for manufactories.

So, players must go to the Oubliette outpost of the Red Isle and then set sail to begin A Nose For Business quest.

Furthermore, players must navigate the map of the Red Isle region and look for Du Bois Lumberyard.

If the earnings are ready to claim then it will show a skull octopus sign on the map.

Hence, you must sail to the Manufactory to claim all the profits or Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones.

1. Loots From Hercule Merchant 

During the journey to Du Bois Lumberyard, players will encounter the sailing ship of Hercule Merchant.

Hercule Merchant is from Compagnie Royale and contains various loots on the ship.

So, players must fire at the ship and take it down to obtain loot items in Skull and Bones.

Players can obtain actual loots like 8 Magnetite ingots, 1 vanilla, 10 cannonball crates, 2 grilled bread and 344 silver.

They can also get additional loot like 160 Kingpin, 1 Repair Kit II, 30 Bombard Bombs, 2 Ornate Pistols, 3 Cogwheels etc.

2. Collect Profit From Du Bois Lumberyard

After collecting the loot players must follow a vertical yellow line going up to the sky.

Hence, by doing this, players will reach the place emitting the vertical yellow ray, which is Du Bois Lumberyard.

Complete A Nose for Business
To complete A Nose for a Business contract in Skull and Bones, players must collect Pieces of Eight from the manufactory and deliver them to the den.

Players can Buy and Sell, collect profit and start supply run at the Port I’Hermine of Du Bois Lumberyard.

Players must collect all the pieces of Eight or the profit from the Port I’Hermine to progress in A node of the Business quest.

3. Deliver Pieces Of Eight To The Den

After collecting the total earnings players must deliver it to a den for safekeeping in Skull and Bones.

The journey to the den to safely keep all the earnings from the manufactory is difficult.

This is because players will encounter enemy ships on the way and will have to engage in a fight.

There is a high chance enemies will attack the player’s ship to loot all the earnings away.

So if you lose the pieces of Eight or earnings on the way back to the den, you must return to the manufactory to collect new pieces of Eight.

4. Beginning Of Kingpin Empire In Skull And Bones

After all eight pieces are secured in the den, a nose of business quest in Skull and Bone will be completed.

After completing a nose of the business quest, players will start successfully start their Kingpin empire.

Players must keep expanding their empire and manufactory to become a Kingpin of the Indian Ocean.

Hence, by doing so, players can receive additional exclusive rewards in Skill and Bones.

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