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Where To Find Broken Effigy In Baldur’s Gate 3?

 In Baldur’s Gate 3, players must find a Broken Effigy during Break Yurgir’s Contract Quest.

Upon completing the Throm Mausoleum puzzle, players can unlock Yurgir’s quest after arriving at Shar’s Sanctum.

Players can find the giant Shar statue at the Gauntlet of Shar in Shar’s Sanctum.

Players must find the Broken Effigy to complete the quest “Break the Yurgir’s contract.” Moreover, they have to make a way with rats that spawn right after interacting with it.

Continue reading to find more details on where players can find the Broken Effigy in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

What Is Broken Effigy In Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Broken Effigy is one of the mysterious puzzles for completing your quest.

Similarly, Broken Effigy associates with the Temple’s Temple’sistory and Breaking the YUGIR’s Contract.

As you approach the Broken Effigy, you will find that it relates to the rats you found all over the temple.

Moreover, players must pass the passive Arcana check before interacting with the Broken Effigy.

Found Broken Effigy
Location of Broken Effigy in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Whether players successfully pass the passive Archana check, they have to talk to the rats after their encounter. 

Moreover, players can communicate using the Speak with Animals residing as their party members.

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Where Can You Find The Broken Effigy?

The Broken Effigy is a significant element that can be encountered during the Break Yurgir’s Contract Quest.

Similarly, this  Broken Effigy can be found within the Shar’s Sanctum, alongside the feet of the giant Shar Statue.

Break Yugrir’s Contract is one of the many quests in the Gauntlet Of Shar, which can be accessed during Act 2.

Besides, the Gauntlet of Shar is an expansive dungeon, also considered a sacred place to worship Lady Shar.

You will follow the left way after you proceed through the Silent Library and perform loot on the Treasure Room.

Spotted Cragged Rock
Players are spotting Cragged Rock to Descend from.

You have to walk through the descending path and reach the bottom to find the Cragged Rock.

Momentarily, you have to use the cragged rock to descend further to the ground.

Eventually, you find your way to the feet of the Giant Statue of Shar and discover the Broken Effigy alongside a Book.

Finally, players can find the Broken Effigy and “One Becomes Many” Book at the coordinates X:-709 and Y:-723 on your map.

Broken Effigy: Attack The Rat Or Not?

Players have to encounter the Rat and have a little conversation with him regardless of whether they pass the passive Arcana check.

Upon encountering Rat and using the “Speak to Animal” perk, you can have a conversation with the Rat.

Talking to Rat
Players encounter Rat after finding Broken Effigy.

Similarly, he asks you to leave them in peace or get ready to face the swarms of the Rat and Lyrthindor.

Players have to make an important decision here: either to attack the rats or spare, which have two different outcomes.

As your decision is crucial in Baldur’s Gate, players have to choose the options based on how they want their storyline to proceed.

1. Attack The Rat

If the player decides to attack the Rat, it immediately triggers the combat against the swarms of the rats.

Players must fight the swarm of around 40 rats; each Rat has a minimal health line, so it only requires one hit.

However, players have to be careful as they release the Narcoleptic  Toxins upon their death, which affects nearby areas.

Rat changed to Lyrthindor
Rat transformed into Lyrthindor.

Moreover, after terminating all of them, one of the rats will reveal his original form: a man called “Lyrthindor.”

Thus, you have to defeat the Lyrthindor and loot him to get Justiciar’s Scimitar and Justiciar’s Greatshield.

Defeating the Rat and Lyrthindor would open the way for siding with Yurgir, who is a  potential ally in Gather Your Allies.

2. Spare The Rat

If players choose to spare the Rat’s life,  he can present them with the location of the Sharrn Provision to find treasure.

Players can choose this option if they don’t want to kill the rats and are searching for more loot.

However, sparing the Rat would make the “Break Yugir’s Contract” quest incomplete and develop a negative relationship with Astarion.

The Bottom Line

Finding the Broken Effigy is important to completing the “Break Yurgir’s Contract” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players must go through the journey of dark and evil dungeons of  Gauntlet of Shar to reach the giant Statue of Shar.

In summary, discovering Broken Effigy is a significant move to shape the player’s journey through this thrilling adventure.

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