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30+ Cool Gaming Desk Accessories for Gamers

What makes an average gaming station turn into a full-fledged battle station –Is gaming Desk Accessories!

Gaming desk accessories are not just displayed items but essential peripherals that improve your gaming experience and overall decor.

Moreover, you can make the gaming desk your own by adding a personal touch through handpicked accessories.

Cool gaming desk accessories should be functional, including a gaming desk and chair, multi-monitor Stand, mechanical keyboard and mouse, a charging station, noise-canceling headphones, cable management system, etc.

Remember, spending countless hours on your gaming desk requires an entirely functional, accessible, and comfortable space.

Want to know more?

Continue reading to find the list of some of the coolest desk accessories for gamers.

30+ Cool Desk Accessories for Gamers in 2024

Here is the list of cool desk accessories for gamers in 2024.

1. Adjustable Gaming Desk

A gaming station is never complete without a gaming desk unless you plan to sit on the floor.

Jokes apart! An excellent gaming desk will provide sufficient space to display all your gaming items and stands the test of time.

Moreover, neck and back soreness becomes a complete nuisance when gaming for countless hours, which you can solve by getting an adjustable gaming desk.

Gaming Desk for Home Office
Choose a sit-stand gaming desk so you can correct your body posture. (Source: Amazon)

With an adjustable gaming desk, you can sit or stand to keep your back and neck straight, helping with long sessions of serious gaming.

Remember, a spacious and durable gaming desk with the correct height will make your gaming experience much cooler.

Here are a few recommendations.

Gaming DesksFeaturesImage
Standing gaming deskStanding gaming desk usually comes with a double electric motor that allows for height adjustment.
Foldable gaming deskIt requires no assembly, and most foldable desks also come with adjustable height.

It may lack under-the-surface storage space.
FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing DeskBest two-tier standing desk
top shelves with double drawer
Electric Lift System
ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable DeskHigh-quality build
Large desktop surface area
Lifting capacity of 100kg
Grommets make it easy to run cables
Read more to learn how to build a DIY gaming desk step by step.

2. Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Say yes to ergonomic gaming chairs because they are designed to bring comfort to your gaming experience.

Your regular gaming chair is only suitable for sitting for a few hours because it is rarely designed for ergonomics.

Gaming chair
The gaming chair should be ergonomic and filled with functional features.

On the other hand, ergonomic gaming chairs boast ergonomics in design, such as cushioned seats, adjustable seat height, and reclining back with raised neck to ensure relaxed body posture.

Some models even include adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and wheels, adding to overall comfort.

Here are a few recommendations.

Gaming DeskSpecificationImage
GTRACING Gaming ChairCarries up to 300 lb
Seat adjustable
90~170°reclining and rocking and swivel
GTRACING Gaming Chair
YSSOA FNGAMECHAIR0Adjustable swivel chair with headrest
Lumbar support with footrest
Adjust the sit upto 3-inch
Nokaxus Gaming ChairHigh-back ergonomic racing seat
Massager lumbar support
Retractible footrest PU leather

3. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm makes an excellent desk accessory that adds comfort by keeping your monitor off the desk.

Moreover, if your desk is too small, you can get a monitor arm fastened to the desk to support two or more monitors.

Using an arm will elevate your monitor above the desk to fit more items such as speakers, collectibles, peripherals, etc.

If you are using a standing desk, a monitor stand will be handy to keep your monitor at eye level.

Here are a few recommendations.

Monitor ArmSpecificationImage
VIVO Dual Monitor Desk MountFits two LED screen up to 27 inches
Offers height adjustment with heavy duty C-clamp
Stand Steady Clamp-On 4 Monitor Mount Desk Stand4 monitor riser that fits 13" to 32" display up to 17.6 lbs each
Suptek Dual Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable StandDual monitor mount ideal for most screens up to 27" and 22lbs with 360° rotate and ±90° tilt

4. Monitor Stand

A monitor Stand is another option to keep your monitors positioned at the right eye level for optimal comfort.

If you are not up to using monitor arms that need to be fastened or clamped to the desk, you can use the Stand.

Quad-monitor stand
Quad-monitor stand has a large base with multiple arms to support up to four screens (Source: Ergonomic Home)

Some monitor stand provides multiple arms to support three or more monitors, such as a quad-monitor setup.

In addition, it will keep the monitor slightly above the desk so you can slide items under the monitor.

Here are a few recommendations;

Monitor StandSpecificationImage
VIVO STAND-V002FDual monitor stand appropriate for 2 screens up to 27"
VESA 100x100mm
HUANUO Dual Monitor StandMonitor Stands for 2 Monitors for 13-32"
Arms fit up to 17.6lb
VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm
VIVO Single Stand13-32" monitor desk stand
Freestanding VESA steel mount base
VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm

5. Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard will be the best addition to your gaming desk. No kidding!

Gamers’ keyboards often witness excessive use and sometimes abuse, leading to the breakage of the keypad.

Therefore, a mechanical keyboard will provide the required durability and efficiency.

Moreover, they are faster to type on than older keyboard types, saving you a lot of time.

Here are a few recommendations for a mechanical keyboard.

Gaming KeyboardFeaturesImage
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini (Wireless)A wireless mechanical keyboard with yellow mechanical switches offers a quicker and noise-free key press.

It offers 200Hrs battery life with Bluetooth connectivity and USB-C for charging.
SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (Wired)A full-sized layout with adjustable mechanical switches guarantees up to 100 million key presses.

It offers RGB color customization of 16.8 million illumination colors per key.
EvoFox Fireblade Keyboard (Wired)10-keyless keyboard with elevated Keys and 19-Key Anti Ghosting.

It also has a lock key,12 multimedia keys, and rainbow Backlighting.

Read more about the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard.

6. Robust Gaming Mouse

When adding a mechanical keyboard to your game desk, do not forget to complement it with a robust gaming mouse.

Like a mechanical keyboard, gaming mice are durable and come loaded with features that interest your gaming.

Gaming mouse
The gaming mouse has features, an action button, and a portable design.

The gaming mouse is optimized for even weight, large grips, and higher DPI for quicker movement.

Moreover, you can use the programmable keys to add features that will help with gaming.

Here are a few recommendations for a gaming mouse.

Mouse (Brand)FeatureImage
LOGITECH G502 LIGHTSPEED (Wireless)A Logitech gaming and general-use mouse is perfect for regular work under $150.

It offers a fabulous bounce response and a quick-release button.
CORSAIR M65 ULTRA WIRELESS (Wireless)The ultra-wireless mouse with 12000 DPI is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum structure for light-weight and durability.
Razer DeathAdder V2 (Wired)20,000 DPI, six buttons, and an ergonomic design.
It offers a perfect palm and claw grip for various hand sizes.
SteelSeries Prime Wireless (Wireless/Wired)It comes packed with 18,000 DPI, optical sensor, RGB lighting, 100+ hr. of battery life, and sleek design.
You might be interested in reading about the ideal weight of a Computer Mouse and whether a wireless Mouse is good for gaming.

7. Mouse Bungee

Mouse bungees may sound like a new accessory for most gamers because fewer gamers use them.

The mouse bungee helps to secure a mouse’s wire, preventing wires from tangling.

If you often keep untangling the mouse wire amidst the game, then mouse bungee is your best option.

In addition, it keeps mouse wires away from your PC and floor, reducing the risk of damage.

Find out whether mouse bungees are pointless or perfect for you.

8. Gaming Monitors

It is best to use a dedicated gaming monitor if you are a hardcore gamer because it is designed to maximize performance.

Moreover, the higher pixel ratio, larger screen space, and rich color contrast offered by gaming monitors elevate the gaming experience.

Most gaming desktops are optimized for refresh rates and minimal response time, which comes in handy with frames-per-second gaming like counterstrike or Halo.

Multi monitor gaming setup
Multi-monitor gaming setup makes gaming more enjoyable. (Source: Wikipedia)

Gaming monitors may come in different sizes, so choose wisely.

You can select a single ultra-wide gaming monitor or set up multiple screens for a more immersive experience.

Here are a few recommendations.

4K MonitorsSpecificationImage
DELL S2721QSThe 27" 4K display with higher pixel density delivers sharp images and text.

It comes with HDR support and a 'FreeSync' variable refresh rate
Dell P2721QIt has a sleek design, plenty of ports, and excellent contrast and color accuracy with a 27 4K display.
SAMSUNG CJ890 Ultra-wide MonitorThe 49” ultra-wide screen boasts 3840 x 1080 QHD with a 144Hz refresh rate.
LG 34WP65G-B UltraWide MonitorThe 34" inch monitor with 2560 x 1080 FHD display at 75Hz

9. Universal Gaming Controller

A gaming controller is a must if you indulge in arcade gaming.

Why not consider getting a universal gaming controller that works with Xbox One, PS, Series X|S, and PC games?

These devices are fully modular, can be customized for different games, and offer physical locking for triggers such as shooting games.

Some may even offer a Hot Swappable feature and action buttons.

Do not forget to choose cool customized designs when choosing a gaming controller online.

10. One-Stop Charging Station

With so many peripherals and devices to charge regularly, finding one that fits all would be good.

Get a charging pad for phones, tablets, earbuds, and other devices simultaneously.

A one-stop charging hub for peripherals will be a great addition to your gaming desk (Source: Amazon)

You would find many portable charging stations that would easily fit your gaming desk. Some would come with USB ports and regular outlets.

For example, a charging port from Belkin offers a 3-in-1 mega charging pad that would simultaneously charge your iPhone, Airpod, and Apple Watch.

Another option is a desk clamp power outlet for all gaming desk accessories and USB ports for USB-chargeable devices.

11. LED Lighting

Consider using LED Lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere when setting up a gaming station at home.

Ambient Lighting, such as ceiling lights in a gaming room, may brighten the entire room but fail to create a relaxed mood.

On the other hand, LED lighting comes in different colors that create a relaxed vibe.

Moreover, it comes in different sizes or shapes, so you can place it behind your monitor, beneath your desk, on the wall, etc.

When buying LED Lighting for a gaming desk, consider getting one with a remote control or a supporting smartphone app to save time customizing the colors.

Read on to learn the best lighting tips for your Computer work

12. RGB Lighting

A gaming desk is incomplete without RGB lighting to create a suitable contrast layer.

Level up the Lighting by installing different RGB lighting fixtures, enhancing the decor.

Rainbow themed Kawaii gaming setup with rgb lighting
A rainbow-themed kawaii gaming setup with RGB lights would make your room more interesting.

Moreover, it creates a contrasting lighting level compared to LED or ambient Lighting.

If you are wondering, you can install Lighting on the wall, collectibles, desk edges, and on the wall.

Here are a few recommendations.

Gaming Desk LightsFeatures
Laser lightsLaser light adds vibrant RGB colors to your gaming room. Choose from small to larger laser beam lights
Fan lightsFanlight is appropriate for cooling consoles and computers. Choose fan light with RGB lighting
Projection lights Projection light adds the layer and ambiance to an existing gaming room lighting

13. Reading/Desk Lamp

Never say no to the desk or reading lamps, primarily when you use the gaming desk for anything other than gaming.

The desk or reading lamp would be handy when studying, learning manuals, or writing notes.

Getting one specially designed for the workstation is a bonus for gamers and Work-From-Home employees.

Therefore, having a well-lit desktop will come in handy for many different purposes.

Here are a few recommendations.

ProductsFeaturesProduct Image
Ottlite Wellness SeriesAn award-winning Glow LED Desk Lamp with CRI 97 and 5000K temperature designed to reduce eyestrain by 51%
BenQ e-Reading Desk LampA perfect task lighting desk lamp that can be adjusted to ambient lighting and from warm to cool.
Dyson Lightcycle MorphA 3-point revolve motion light that connects to your smartphone—adjusted to ambient lighting whenever needed.
LEDGLE LED Desk LampA smart desktop LED lamp that combines direct and indirect light output perfect for workspaces. LEDGLE LED Desk Lamp
Read our article about choosing the best desk light for a home office.

14. Speaker

Speakers are the go-to desk accessory, especially if you enjoy gaming without headphones.

However, investing in an audio sound system is crucial to creating an immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, you can use the speakers for gaming, such as watching movies or digital content.

Portable Speakers will be helpful for both gaming and watching movies (Source: Unsplash)

You can choose a surround sound system with a whole theater experience or use portable speakers appropriate for keeping on the desk.

Here are a few recommendations.

Sound SystemSpecificationImage
Creative T100-2.0 Compact Hi-FiDesktop Speakers, up to 80W Peak Power with Bluetooth 5.0
Klipsch Black Reference Theater5.1 Surround Sound System delivers a superior acoustic performance.
LG Ultragear GP3 - Portable Gaming SpeakerGaming Speaker with DTS headphone:X, voice chat, up to 6 hour battery life, Bluetooth, and USB Type-C Connection

15. Cable Manager

Do not forget to complete your gaming desk with a cable manager because nothing can be more remarkable than something which can eliminate the wire clutter.

The cables often come in the way when gaming which can hamper your full beast mode gaming.

Organizing your cables in one place will keep your desk space clear of clutter and make it easier to access multiple devices simultaneously.

Therefore, consider investing in a relaxed yet functional cable manager that would idly sit away from your sight.

Yecaye J Channel Cable Raceway sits under the gaming desk or in the corner and takes in all the cables.

Otherwise, get yourself a Teyga cable management box that stores all the cables while keeping them away from children and pets.

Continue reading to know if you can manage your cables using electrical tape.

16. Noise-canceling Headphone

Noise-canceling headphones may be a great choice to avoid noises from outside.

It mainly comes in handy when your home is overcrowded with people creating noise.

Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Source: Amazon)

Along with canceling the noise, it will provide seamless audio quality, which is best for long gaming hours or watching videos.

There are many brands to choose from; consider getting one that would last for ages and keep providing the same quality audio.

Here are a few recommendations.

NPET Active Noise CanaellingOffers perfect noise cancellation up to 95%
Features a 40 mm HD high-resolution
Play up to 50 hours of music in noise-canceling mode
JBL Live 660NC Noise Cancelling HeadphonesLong Lasting Battery and Voice Assistant
Feature 40mm drivers and a sound signature
Flip 5 gives you up to 12 hours of playtime
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HXWireless ANC headphne
Waterproof and bluetooth speaker
Up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge

17. Headphone Stand

The headphone stand is great for mounting your gaming headphone whenever you are not using them.

The headphone stand also makes a magnificent accent piece on your gaming desk.

Moreover, mounting your headphone on the Stand will keep them at Arm’s reach so you can pick them up quickly.

However, if you feel there is insufficient space to fit a headphone stand, consider installing an under-the-desk mount.

It will effectively stay out of sight but remains within Arm’s reach.

18. Large Gaming Mousepad

A large gaming mouse pad is a must if you are a dedicated gamer, as it provides a large surfing area for your gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse with low DPI needs a lot of room to move around, which is facilitated by a large gaming mouse pad.

Large mousepad
A large mousepad will provide more surface area for mouse surfing (Source: Amazon)

A large mouse pad usually measures 450x450mm or more such as 400x800mm or 600x1200mm, which would sit magnificently on your gaming desk, complimenting its look.

You can choose various gaming mice sizes and colors to match your game room theme.

Here are a few recommendations.

Mouse PadSpecificationImage
QCK Steel Series590 mm x 1220 mm
QcK micro-woven cloth for maximum control. The significantly extended design offers limitless tracking space.
Corsair MM300300 mm x 930 mm
An ultra-thin mouse pad made from a tear-resistant polycarbonate and anti-skid rubber base.
Razer Gigantus v2410 mm x940 mm
Designed for higher mouse spacing and high-leverage gaming and designing.

Remember to choose a hard mouse pad to move the mouse at maximum speed.

Read on to learn more about standard mousepad sizes and a few easy mousepad makeshifts.

19. Desk Air Purifier

The desk air purifier is a portable dust cleaner that keeps your gaming desk clean and healthy.

The mechanical air purifying unit installed in the air purifier sucks in dust particles that would otherwise end up in your nostrils, mouth, palm, and clothes.

It also prevents dust from settling on your gaming apparel, leading to grime and solid debris.

Get a small and compact air purifier sitting quietly on your gaming desk.

20. Cup Holder

The desk cup holder comes quite in-handy for clumsy gamers.

With a dedicated cup holder, you need not worry about spilling hot coffee over the desk, accessories, or floor.

A desk cup holder would be anything round, square, or semi-square in shape, including a cup, mug, bottles, and juice packets.

Choose from a simple cup holder that attaches its bottom to the desk, or get one with a cup holster for a more rigid grip.

21. Portable Webcam

Do not forget to invest in an excellent webcam with high specs to stream your live audio to your fans.

A small webcam would quickly mount the monitor or sit on the desk without creating any visual noise.

Solving webcam utility problem
A portable webcam will provide better resolution and graphics compared to a built-in webcam (Source: Canon)

Although your laptop has a webcam, choose to install an external webcam because they usually offer better resolution, at least 1080p or even 4K resolution.

Moreover, they are easy to fine-tune, diagnose, and fix whenever they encounter problems.

With a dedicated webcam, you can stream your gaming room to all your fans or use them to chat with your friends and colleagues.

Read more to learn why your webcam is not detected, flickering and always lagging.

22. Desk Collectibles

Collectibles can become an excellent addition to your gaming desk and complement your gaming theme.

For instance, if you are an ardent Star Wars fan, you can collect tiny collectibles ranging from Darth Vader and Jedi Master to Storm Trooper lining up on your desk.

You can find other collectibles that would match the theme related to anime, cartoons, or pop culture.

Otherwise, get some collectibles that would sit on the desk as a piece of art.

Etsy and Amazon have an extensive catalog of desk collectibles suited for all ages of gamers.

23. Desk Plants

Never say No to desk plants!

They add greenery to your otherwise bland-looking gaming desk and help cleanse the indoor air of hazardous toxins.

Adorable desk plant
Small succulents make perfect desk plants for gaming desks as they are portable.

Yes, desk plants are effective air dust trappers that will cleanse the indoor air of pollutants like carbon monoxide, toluene, and formaldehyde.

Adding a plant will also help soothe your eyes as you take a break from intense gaming and look toward the lush green foliage.

Be wary about choosing the desk plant because not all are the same!

Choose desk plants like succulents which stay active and healthy despite lack of care.

Here is a list of a few popular desk plants.

Cast Iron PlantThey are slow-growing plants that are perfect for decoration on work desks.
DracaenaBes air-purifying houseplant that helps to increase concentration
BromeliadThey are great at removing toxic chemicals and pollutants from the air.
Spider Planta low-maintenance plant that helps cleanse indoor air and does well in low light
Pink SyngoniumAlmost every Syngonium species is suitable for homes. They help cleanse air and add decor.
Snake PlantThey effectively cleanse benzene and trichloroethylene from the air and great low-light plants.
Peace LilyA low-maintenance house plant that promotes home decor and restful sleep.
Lucky BambooIt is great at cleaning the air

24. Wall Art

Wall art will be a great addition to your desk accessories.

Although not a desk accessory, adding wall art will complement the gaming station decor.

Generally, you can pick wall art that complements your gaming theme, such as anime, cartoons, movies, manga characters, etc.

Consider placing the art above the gaming station on the adjoining wall so it may resemble a collective theme. Otherwise, you can put it on the wall beside the gaming desk.

25. Mounted Shelf

Consider adding a floating shelf above your workstation to create wonderful storage space.

You can use the shelf area to store your gaming peripherals, memorabilia, collectibles, plants, and other items.

floating shelf
A floating shelf would work wonders to display peripherals, collectibles, and other items.

An excellent storage area around your workstation will make your gaming station much more functional.

Use a floating wall shelf with invisible brackets to make the storage look more seamless.

26. Surge Protectors

What is not excellent about keeping your equipment and gear safe while gaming?

It is common for House equipment to suffer power damage from sudden surges during lightning and volatile power supply.

Surge protectors will keep your gaming peripherals safe from a sudden power surge.

A surge protector is not the same as a power strip, as the latter only provides outlets to connect multiple peripherals.

Read more about safely using surge protectors at home.

27. Microphone with Stand

A microphone with a stand is the most excellent desk accessory you can have at your gaming desk.

It comes in handy when you record and edit videos, stream your gaming to the fans, and run podcasts.

Gaming setup with microphone
Get a microphone with a stand so you would not need to hold it throughout the recording session.

However, do not forget to get an adjustable stand for your microphone so you can place it close to you.

Look for a microphone with a plug-and-play function, especially with a USB connector, for quick use.

28. Wall Light Panels

Arrange an excellent addition to your gaming wall by adding a wall light panel that creates different color shades to suit your theme.

Wall light panels would serve as both mood lighting and eye-catching art.

You will find varied shapes of wall light panels; therefore, be careful about choosing the one that matches your need.

The Nanoleaf Aurora light panels are the finest example of wall light panels, which comes in a unique geometric shape.

It comprises software that allows syncing with audio and smartphones to create mood lighting.

29. Monitor Backlight

The monitor backlight will be an excellent addition to your gaming desk. It will create a contrasting light which helps reduce eye strain.

Moreover, you can create additional illumination behind your monitor to zest up the decoration.

Vertical Monitor Setup
A backlit LED light makes the monitor pop out from the wall (Source: Piqsels)

Get one that can be synced with your PC for an ethereal experience, such as Philips Hue Play Light bars.

The light panels will create similar color tones while gaming or watching videos. Otherwise, you can get cheaper light bars to light up the monitor.

30. USB Hub

Get a USB hub to connect and power faster USB devices, offer better power delivery, and support numerous USBs.

You need not worry about charging your phones, headphones, mouse, and other peripherals with a USB hub.

You can also plug the desk lamp and RGB lighting panels into the USB hub.

Get a high-quality USB hub with a 3.0 connection with tons of ports.

31. Dust Manager

With dust manager around, you can quickly clean your gaming peripherals, desk, and other items which accumulate dust.

Seeing a fine layer of dust over the mouse or keyboard is unsightly and causes grime buildup over time.

Therefore, with a handy dust manager, you can blow the dust without worrying about breaking or sucking in smaller items.

A dust blower has many features and even helps get into tiny nooks and corners.

A mini blower is portable
A mini blower works both as a blower and vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the gaming desk (Source: Amazon)

Final Verdict

Make your gaming desk cooler by adding stylish yet functional accessories to make it a perfect gaming station.

However, spend only on items you may feel with help with gaming or other functional purposes.

Follow this guide to find the right accessories for your gaming desk, which can easily be found online.

Let us know in the comments what other accessories you feel could zest up your gaming desk style.

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