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Dark and Darker Goblin Ear: Where To Use It?

Players have been commenting all over the community platforms asking about the Dark and Darker Goblin ear.

There are various types of items that players get and use for completing quests, among which Goblin ear is one.

Goblin ear in Dark and Darker is an item that players require to complete the Merchant Quest and get various types of in-game rewards. Goblin ears are obtained from the fallen goblin warriors by cutting their ears, and players can sell them to a merchant known by the name Goblin Merchant.

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What Is Goblin Ear In Dark And Darker?

Goblin ears are the rare and valuable items that players can find while playing Dark and Darker games.

Moreover, players can find the goblin ears from the loot in various quests and sell them to the merchants.

Similarly, Goblin ears are the natural ears of the Goblins that players cut from their bodies when they lose battle.

Goblin ear
Getting the Goblin ear in Dark and Darker.

Additionally, Players consider these ears to be the symbol of pride and winning trophy for defeating the Goblins.

Furthermore, players can use the goblin ears to create craft items such as goblin ear necklaces to increase their stealth or agility.

In the same way, Goblin Merchant requires you to collect 20 goblin ears to give you the following items:

  • 150 Coins
  • Purple Watchman Cloak
  • 75 XP
  • 50 Affinity
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Goblin Merchant In Dark And Darker

Goblin merchant is one of the merchants in Dark and Darker who belongs to the Goblin race.

Moreover, this merchant buys and sells various types of unidentified items that have a random rarity level.

Therefore, players must buy items from the Goblin Merchant at their own risk, as sometimes they may get regular items.

Buying items
Buying items from the Goblin Merchant.

However, he is the unique merchant among all the 12 merchants, some of whom are Woodsman, Treasurer, Valentine, etc.

Similarly, the Goblin merchant also buys items from you and sells items for gold, some of which are as follows:

  • Hatchet
  • Rugged Boots
  • Halberd
  • Longsword
  • Crossbow

Additionally, players can buy items from the Goblin Merchant using the following steps:

  1. Go to the game’s home screen.
  2. Select the merchant section and click on the Goblin Merchant.
  3. Now you will see two options which are Trade and Buy.
  4. Select the Buy option, and random items will be in the list.
  5. Select the items you want and click the “Fill In All Stash” option.
  6. After that, you will see how much you must pay for the item.
  7. Then select the “Make Deal” option to buy the item.

Goblin Merchant Quest

Goblin Merchant can also give you a merchant quest where he will require you to collect various items and complete specific tasks.

Moreover, the Goblin merchant in Dark and Darker will provide you with different rewards for the tasks and items.

Similarly, the following table shows various items and tasks you need to perform and collect and the rewards you get from them:

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Consists of one to two drawers.
Flat file storage cabinetsWider in size
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Come without doors
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Mostly used in library
Fireproof file cabinetsHeavier than normal file cabinets
Protect documents from fire for a certain amount of time.
Pedestal file cabinetsCubical in shape
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Can be fit even under a desk.
Rolling file cabinetsSize similar pedestal cabinets.
Consists of wheels at the bottom
These cabinets can be easily transferred from one place to another.
Tambour door fileConsists of side door that folds to storage unit.
Three to seven drawers tambour door file cabinets are found.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, the goblin ears are the rare items in Dark and Darker that players can get from various quests.

Moreover, players can exchange the goblin ears to the Goblin Merchant for coins, XPs, and other rare items.

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