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Dark And Darker Troll Pelt: How To Get?

Dark and Darker is a dungeon crawler role-playing video game that features various monsters and items.

One of the items is the Troll Pelt, a material for crafting Gold Bag coins, Tri-Pelt Northern Full Tunic, and Tri-Pelt Doublet.

To get Troll Pelt in Dark and Darker, you must defeat the boss in the Goblin Cave, a Cave Troll. Along with Troll Pet, you will also get 1 Epic Weapon Drop,1 Lion’s Head Chest, and 9 Loose Treasures in the boss loot room.

Continue reading to discover more about Troll Pelt, how to get it, and what to do with it in Dark and Darker.

What Is Troll Pelt In Dark And Darker?

Dark and Darker has introduced some new materials and craftable items in the recent update.

A Troll Pelt is one of the materials you will need to craft the rare armor sets.

Moreover, it is a vast, thick pelt with an unmistakable scent.

Troll Pelt to craft a rare armor
You need a Troll Pelt to craft a rare armor and a gold coin bag.

Furthermore, this material has a Rare rarity, which means you can have a hard time finding this material.

Additionally, it takes up to 4 item slots in the inventory.

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How To Get Troll Pelt In Dark And Darker?

Throughout Dark and Darker, you will encounter an enormous amount of bosses.

Defeating them will reward you with unique and high-level drops.

Cave Troll is one of the bosses you will encounter while completing a solo dungeon Goblin Cave.

 Cave Troll map
A map that shows the location of Cave Troll.

Furthermore, the boss is likely to spawn in a central part of the map.

Once you reach the center part, you will face the two doors leading to the Cave Troll.

Here are the strategies you can use to counter this boss’s attack:

1. Ground Shake

It is a powerful ground slam attack that can eliminate you in one shot.

You can counter it by putting a 3 or 4-meter distance immediately after the Cave Troll holds the mace with two hands.

2. Regular Attack

A standard swing attack from right to left direction.

Once the boss performs the regular attack, you can block it with a shield, dodge by crouching or walk away.

3. High Swing

It is an increased-range high attack performed from the left side.

You need to either shield it to 90 degrees to the left or crouch down and look down to dodge it.

4. Low Swing

Troll performs a low attack from the left side with an increased range.

Likewise, you can simply jump to leftover the mace to dodge this attack.

5. Roar

The Cave Troll will roar, which can stagger you, make you slow, and attack you with the low or high-angle swing.

To counter it, you must be prepared for a low-high swing and equip a pavis for shield block if you are a ranger.

These are the attacks and strategies you need to remember while taking the fight with this boss.

Furthermore, an Elite version of this boss will deal 15% more damage and heal 2 Health per second.

After defeating this boss, it will respawn after 1 minute. Moreover, you will receive the material Troll pelt once you defeat this boss.

However, the probability of getting this material is only 2.0%. Therefore, you have to defeat this monster a few times to get this material.

What To Do With Troll Pelt In Dark And Darker?

Once you get the Troll Pelt, a question arises what to do with this item.

You can sell it to Leathersmith, who crafts and also sells the Lether armor.

The option of selling this material can be great because it gives you 20 g.

You can use it to craft a few items, such as Gold Bag coins, Tri-Pelt Northern Full Tunic, and Tri-Pelt Doublet.

Leathersmith screen using a Troll pelt
Players can navigate to the Leathersmith screen using a Troll Pelt to craft leather armor.

Tri-Pelt Northern Full Tunic and Tri-Pelt Doublet are two chest armors crafted by the Leathersmith and Tailor.

Leathersmith is the same merchant that will buy the Troll Pelt.

However, crafting these items also needs other materials like Wolf Pet and some gold.

The Bottom Line

The Troll Pelt is a material used for crafting Tri-Pelt Northern Full Tunic and Tri-Pelt Doublet.

Furthermore, this item can be obtained from the Cave Troll boss in Globin Cave.

Defeating the Cave Troll can be challenging if you don’t have a proper strategy and equipment.

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