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Dmz Disguise Glitch: How To Perform?

New items and weapons have been added along with the new Field Upgrade named Disguise with the Season 5 update.

However, disguise is an item that was added in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 in June 2023.

In Call of Duty, players have reported facing the issue while Exfil Disguise. However, players can use secure backpacks and instant exfil glitches to exfil it and to perform the DMZ Disguise glitch.

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An Overview Of The DMZ Disguise

DMZ disguise is a lootable item that allows players to conceal themselves in the game.

Disguise is useful while performing specific missions in the game and exploring the map.

As the name suggests, this item will let anyone disguise themselves in the Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, or Vondel.

Don't act suspicious or get close to bots
Don’t act suspiciously or get close to bots while wearing Disguise.

However, you can find this item in the random loot caches or regular caches which you can also use while playing solo and to avoid combat.

Moreover, disguises can be extremely useful to break into enemy territory in DMZ.

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DMZ Disguise Glitch In Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

The DMZ disguise glitch lets players get the disguise in the field but when players try to exfil with it, they cannot do so.

Therefore, some players report the DMZ exfil with a disguise glitch.

Moreover, they mentioned that the only keys that they exfil were available in their lobby menu backpack.

Locate disguise in the duffle bags or in the random location
Players can find disguises in the duffle bag or in a random location.

This caused great frustration among the players, as after storing it in a secret and safe place they still lost it.

While some find success using a secure backpack, others encounter the glitch repeatedly.

In particular, it seems that disguises are most commonly stashed away in duffle bags.

How To Perform DMZ Disguise Glitch In Call Of Duty?

Here are the ways that you can follow to perform DMZ Disguise Glitch:

1. Use Secure Backpacks

To Exfil with the disguise, open your inventory and equip it from your backpack.

Players need to have a secure backpack to bring disguises in and out of sessions.

Hence, open your backpack inventory by pressing the Down D-pad button, locate the disguise item and press the Equip button on the screen.

2. Instant Exfil Glitch

Players can use this glitch to bring any item in their backpack out of the game including the disguise.

Head to any Koschei complex store that can be found on the map interact with the complex door and then confirm the travel option.

Once the loading screen appears, close the game, start it again and go back to DMZ.

Hence, this Instant Exfil Glitch will allow you to keep all the items.

The Bottom Line

Wearing DMZ disguise allows you to replace your skin and walk around the AI bot soldiers.

Moreover, AI enemies will ignore and won’t attack the player wearing a disguise.

However, this item in DMZ mode gives players more advantages during intense combat.

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