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How To Fix The Power From Behind Bug In Starfield?

“Power From Beyond” is the main story mission in the video game Starfield. 

In this mission, you aim to acquire special powers from ancient temples on two planets.

There’s no official fix available for the Power From Behind bug. Therefore, players should report it and await a game update from Bethesda for a resolution.

In this article, we will discuss what power is from behind the quest in Starfield, its bug and how to fix it.

What Is The Power From Behind?

“Power From Beyond” is a main quest in the game where the player aims to find large anomalies on distant planets.

These anomalies match the signature of certain artifacts.

The quest involves exploring these anomalies and associated temples to acquire special powers.

This quest involves exploring planets, uncovering anomalies, and acquiring special powers to advance in the game.
This quest involves exploring planets, uncovering anomalies, and acquiring special powers to advance in the game.

These powers, like “Personal Atmosphere” and “Grav Dash,” provide unique abilities to enhance your gameplay.

Additionally, this power will likely play a significant role in the gameplay mechanics.

How To Complete The Power From Behind Quest?

To complete the “Power From Beyond” quest in Starfield, you must follow the main storyline and complete the objectives associated with this quest.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you complete the quest:

1. Start The Quest

The “Power From Beyond” quest is likely part of the main storyline.

To initiate it, you may need to progress through earlier quests in the game, particularly the quest “Into the Unknown.”

Follow the main storyline until you receive the “Power From Beyond” quest.

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2. Follow Quest Markers And Explore Anomalies

Once you have the quest, follow the quest markers or instructions provided in your quest log to reach your first destination.

On each planet, you will encounter anomalies that match the signature of certain artifacts.

Use your scanner to locate these anomalies. Distortions on the scanner interface usually represent them.

3. Locate And Enter Temples

Follow the distortions on your scanner to locate the temples associated with the anomalies.

These temples are where you will acquire special powers. Once you reach the temple, enter it.

Inside, you may need to navigate through the temple’s chambers, solving puzzles or overcoming challenges along the way.

4. Acquire Powers And Talk To Vladmir

Interact with objects or energy bubbles inside the temples to acquire special powers.

These powers are essential for your character’s progression in the game.

After getting power from a temple, speak to Vladimir about the next temple’s location.

5. Repeat The Process

Follow quest markers to visit planets, find anomalies, explore temples, and gain new powers.

This process may be repeated several times as part of the ongoing questline.

Eventually, you will acquire all the necessary powers and complete the “Power From Beyond” quest.

The Power From Behind Quest’s Bug

The “Power From Beyond” quest bug in Starfield, as reported by players on Reddit and Steam Community, is a significant issue affecting the gameplay experience for some users.

This bug involves the disappearance of the main quest from the quest log and Vladimir’s inability to provide temple locations.

This ultimately prevents players from acquiring their final power and completing the questline.

Players showing their concerns about the power from beyond bug issue on Reddit.
Players showing their concerns about the Power from Beyond bug issue on Reddit.

For those affected, the bug can be quite frustrating as it leaves them in a state of limbo within the game. 

This enables them to further acquire new powers or advance the storyline.

This issue appears to be associated with the main quest’s tracking mechanism and the availability of temple locations provided by Vladimir.

The bug’s impact extends to players missing out on exploring and acquiring powers from multiple temples.

This can disrupt the intended flow of the game and leave players feeling stuck.

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How To Fix The Power From Behind Bug In Starfield?

Currently, no official solution or fix is available for Power From Behind bug, leaving affected players with limited options.

They may have to patiently await a patch or update from the game’s developers to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, players encountering this bug can report it through the game’s official support channels, forums, or social media.

Moreover, reporting the bug to Bethesda with detailed information is crucial for persistent issues.

It will help the development team identify and address the problem.

Further, using Bethesda’s support site or Discord to report bugs with platform info, issue details, and media is recommended.

Visiting Starfield’s official forums can help, as players may share similar issues and possible solutions.

Staying updated on official announcements from Bethesda regarding game updates and bug fixes is essential.

They may release patches to address known bugs and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

The Bottom Line

Starfield’s “Power From Beyond” quest promises an engaging cosmic adventure.

Reporting issues and exploring the game’s other facets can enhance the experience despite potential bugs.

Acquired powers empower characters for further exploration and adventures in this captivating universe.

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