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How To Enter Flymm Cargo In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In BG3, players need to enter the basement of Flymm Cargo during Avenge The Drowned Quest.

Furthermore, Flymm Cargo is located at Harbour Docks, north of the Water Queen’s house.

There are several ways to enter Flymm Cargo in BG3, players can lockpick the door on the harbor’s west side, go through the counting House, or jump to the Flymm Cargo roof on the east side.

In this article, we will explore how to enter  Flymm Cargo in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where Is Flymm Cargo In BG3?

Flymm Cargo is a warehouse in the lower city of Baldur’s Gate in Act 3.

It is near the southern shore and to the northwest side of The Counting House, and the coordinates of the Flymm Cargo are X:-169, Y:-150.

It would be best to visit this place for different quests like Avenge the Drowned, Save the Gondians, Retrieve Omeluum, Rescue the Grand Duke, and The Grand Duke.

You will also encounter an NPC called Redhammer while exploring this place.

Moreover, he will help you reach the Iron Throne once you find him which is related location to Flymm Cargo.

Furthermore, when you enter the warehouse, it will be taken over by several worgs.

You have to take them down to process to the basement of Flymm Cargo.

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How To Enter Flymm Cargo In BG3?

Entering Flymm Cargo is challenging due to worgs guarding it. However, there are a few ways to enter Flymm Cargo listed below:

1. Lockpick The Door

This is one of the easiest ways to get into the warehouse.

Players have to lock the double metal doors on the west side of the ground floor.

Flymm Cargo BG3
The Double door on the ground floor, which players must lockpick to enter.

Then, the only thing left is to defeat the wrongs. After defeating the wrongs, the warehouse is yours.

2. Through The Counting House 

The Counting House is located in the Lower City, between Flymm Cargo and Old Garlow’s Place on the southern coast.

Furthermore, you can reach Flymm Cargo if you exit the second security desk door.

However, make sure to sneak past the guard outside the warehouse.

3. Enter From The Roof

This method is the best route to enter the warehouse. Since you can easily pass the guard and put you into a position where you don’t get caught by wrongs.

Here is the step-by-step guide to get there by a roof, 

  1. Run across up to the south side of the building.
  2. Then, jump from the Southern corner, the warehouse’s lowest point.
Flymm Cargo BG3
Players must jump on the fire escape to lockpick the door.
  1. After that, land on the fire escape, lockpick the door, and enter the warehouse.
Once players reach the fire escape, lockpick the metal door to enter the warehouse.
  1. Now, you can sneak in and take those monstrosities (Wrong) out on the floor.
Flymm Cargo BG3
Players can enter the warehouse and defeat the monsters with a successful lockpick.
  1. Once all of them are dead, you can start exploring the warehouse.

However, you will not find anything interesting until you check your perception.

On the northwest corner of the warehouse, if you run a successful perception check.

You will notice something beneath the bundle of crates.

Players can go to the basement from the northwest corner of the warehouse in BG3.

As you move the crates, you will find a hatch leading to a chamber of this warehouse, and you can open it and enter.

What Is Beneath Flymm Cargo In BG3?

As you enter the area beneath Flymm Cargo, you don’t have to worry about the enemies, just explore the area freely and loot as much as you can.

Players need to go through the Basement, Detention Block, Machine Parts Storage, and Subaquatic Deck within the chamber.

Furthermore, these steps are necessary to complete the Avenge The Drowned Quest.

Also, you will meet a Redhammer at the subaquatic Deck, which will lead you to the Iron Throne.

The Bottom Line

Flymm Cargo in BG3 is located on the southern side of Lower City in Act 3.

Furthermore, Flymm Cargo is a warehouse located at Harbour Docks.

To enter the warehouse, you can lockpick it at the main entrance or jump from the roof of the building.

We recommend you jump from the roof of the building since you can sneak attack the monster inside it.

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