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Where Is Hopetech In Starfield?

Hopetech in Starfield is one of the quest areas that players must access in one of the missions.

Furthermore, the area contains a few guards that players must be wary of.

Hopetech in Starfield is a quest area that players must access to place an Arc device. Furthermore, players must travel to Polvo, in one of the systems in the Starfield. Thus, completing this mission can make the players travel quite a bit in the world of Starfield.

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What Is Hopetech In Starfield?

Hopetech is one of the quest areas in Starfield. Players must get to the area during the Accidents Happen mission.

The mission states that they must go and talk to Imogene. Once they meet Imogene, they must get to the Hopetech building.

Players will meet Imogene in the Ryujin Tower, which is one of the corporate buildings in Neon City.

Ryujin Industries is one of the most prominent corporations on the planet.

players can also join Ryujin Industries. Accidents Happen has a prerequisite which is to complete the Sowing Discord mission.

Thus, before accessing the Accidents Happen mission, players must make sure to complete the prerequisite.

Players must plant an arc device in the Hopetech building during the Accidents Happen mission.

Further players can return to Ryujin Industries to complete the mission.

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How To Find Hopetech In Starfield?

Players can find the Hopetech building on the planet Polvo in the Valo System in Starfield.

However, getting to the building can be a hassle since, at times, the marker misses the location.

But, if you select the mission and navigate it to the area, it will show you the Polvo planet and the Hopetech location.

Hopetech is in Polvo in Starfield
Head to Polvo to find Hopetech in Starfield.

After you head into the planet, you must find the Hopetech building.

Once you find the building, head inside, enter the first room, and into the production line in the back.

Find hopetech building in polvo in starfield
Find the Hopetech building in Polvo

After you get into the production line, your marker will shift inside a large ship.

You will find a staircase leading to the ship on your left in the production line.

head to the staircase leading to the ship
Head left to the staircase into the ship in the Hopetech building.

Get inside the ship and up a ladder to find a console. However, you must be mindful since one of the guards is patrolling the area.

Interact with console in hopetech building
Interact with the console in the Hopetech building.

Thus, players must wait until the guard is away from earshot and then interact with the console.

Once they interact with the console, they must return to Ryujin Tower.

During the interaction, players must place an arc device into the console. After this interaction, the mission is completed.

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The Bottom Line

Hopetech is a mission area in Starfield. Furthermore, the area ties into the mission from Ryujin Tower.

Players must travel to Polvo in the Valo system to complete the mission.

However, players must also pay attention to the guards in the building to complete the mission without any issues.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Hopetech building and completing the Accidents Happen mission in Starfield.

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