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Find Out Initial Kits For Each Roles In Tarkov Arena

Escape from Tarkov Arena is a new FPS game that introduces new roles along with their respective kits.

Players have the freedom to pick their own class and choose various kits according to their playstyle.

In the Tarkov Arena, there are two preset kits by default for all four roles that develop as players level up in the game. Therefore, players must learn about all these kits to pick the best one for them.

Continue reading this article to learn about the best Escape from Tarkov arena kits.

Introduction To All Arena Kits In Tarkov

Tarkov is an OG FPS game that primarily focuses on gun fights as reflected by its plethora of weapons and kits.

Similarly, the new Escape from Tarkov Arena follows the same blueprint by introducing new roles along with their kits.

Additionally, players have two kits to choose from whenever they first play the game.

However, they can upgrade these kits to unlock many attachments as they level up.

Here are all the kits that players can unlock in the Tarkov arena according to their roles:

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1. Assault Kits

Firstly, Assault is one of the most balanced classes in the game as it supports all types of battles.

Hence, the Assault kits are filled with moderate armor and damage weapons that even support long-range battles.

Assault Class Kits in Tarkov
Some Assault Class Kits in Tarkov.

Initially, players start with two primary kits in the Assault class. They are:

  • Guard
  • Stargazer

The guard focuses on mid-range battles while the Stargazer is suited more for long-ranged battles.

2. CQB Kits

The CQB is one of the most defensive classes in Escape from Tarkov Arena as it prioritizes defense.

Hence, the CQB kits are filled with heavy armor and increased ammunition for the longevity of battles.

CQB Class kits in Tarkov
Some CQB Class kits in Tarkov.

Initially, players start with two primary kits in the CQB class. They are:

  • Attic
  • Murkha

The Attic focuses on heavy armor approach while the Murkha prioritizes healing in the battle.

3. Scout Kits In Tarkov

Thirdly, Scout is the riskiest role in the game as all of its kit includes an SMG.

Hence, the Scout kits are filled with high firerate SMGs with piercing damage, encouraging a run-and-gun approach.

Scout class kits in Tarkov
Some Scout class kits in Tarkov.

Initially, players start with two primary kits in the Scout class. They are:

  • Handler
  • Plantain

The Handler provides a minimal defence option while the Plantain solely prioritizes damage with no healing option.

4. Marksman In Tarkov

Lastly, the Marksman is the Sniper role in the Tarkov arena that only prioritizes long-ranged battles.

Hence, the Marksman kits are filled with some form of Sniper rifle with moderate protection.

Marksman kits in Tarkov
Some Marksman kits in Tarkov.

Initially, players start with two primary kits in the Marksman class. They are:

  • Owl 
  • Chepusilo

The Owl focuses on a quick reload approach, while the Chepusilo is suited more for a one-shot kill approach.

The Bottom Line

Players are bound to be confused because of the wide variety of kits available in each class.

Hence, players must learn about primary sets of kits from each class in the Tarkov arena to plan future upgrades.

Moreover, they must pick the class and kit that suits their play style the most.

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