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Light And Dark Klue In MK1: Choose Ashrah For Victory

In Mortal Kombat (MK1), players encounter the mysterious Klue called Light and Dark.

While participating in this game, players must engage in battle with one of the formidable bosses called Dark Pixie.

Upon defeating Dark Pixie in MK1, players can obtain several enticing rewards as well as mark the completion of Light and Dark Klue.

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How To Complete Light And Dark Klue In Mortal Kombat (MK1)? 

During their exploration around the area of Cutter, players come across Light and Dark Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

The quest demands players engage in a fierce battle with one of the formidable bosses in the game, presenting significant challenges.

Similarly, while partaking in this quest, players should effectively use their special moves to secure a victory.

Here’s a step-by-step process to complete the Light and Dark Klue in Mortal Kombat (MK1).

1. Choose Asharh As Your Hero

It is fundamental to choose the right hero for the Light and Dark Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

Since this quest is about the Light and Dark, Asharh is the perfect hero to complete the quest easily.

Light and Dark Klue In Mk1
While partaking in the Light and Dark quest, you can use Ashrah as your main character to secure victory.

Likewise, among the many characters in the game, Ashrah is the one that players can select for greater advantage during the battle.

Ashrah possesses power related to both light and dark, which would be helpful while battling the opponent.

With Ashrah as the primary character, players can effortlessly defeat the enemy by utilizing both her light and dark abilities.

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2. Analyze Asharh Skills

After you choose Asharh as your primary hero for the Light and Dark Klue, it is essential to learn her moves and skills.

You cannot defeat Dark Pixie and complete the Light and Dark Klue unless you know how to perform Ashrah skills.

Besides that, players should also understand the mechanism of her attack and learn about the pattern that triggers her skills.

Since Ashrah can utilize both dark and light powers, players should focus on mastering her special moves as well.

You should master special moves like Summoning the Darkness and Heaven’s Beacon to complete the quest.

3. Execute Ashrah’s Skills In MK1

Once the player navigates to the Cutter and begins the Light and Dark Quest, they are transferred to the ring.

Players must battle the formidable Dark Pixie as the main boss to complete the Dark and Light quest in MK1.

Subsequently, in this battle, players should effectively utilize Ashrah’s skills to secure victory.

Players should switch from Light to Dark and again from Dark to Light Mode to unleash some deadly attacks.

Light and Dark Quests in MK1
A player is seen fighting with Dark Pixie after choosing Ashrah as the main character.

Firstly, players should use Summoning the Darkness to switch to the Dark Mode and hit Dark Pixie.

To perform the move, players should press the down, left, and X buttons simultaneously.

Once you hit Ashrah in dark mode, switch to light mode and use Heaven’s Beacon against the opponents.

Players should press the down, right, and X buttons simultaneously to perform the Heaven Beacon in MK1.

Make sure you hit the enemies 2-3 times in both Light and Dark Mode to secure victory against Dark Pixie and complete the Klue.

 Rewards After Completing Light And Dark Klue In MK1

Upon completion of the Light and Dark Klue in MK1, players are rewarded with the chest.

You should navigate to the right from the starting location of the Light and Dark Quest to locate the chest.

Finally, as you open the chest, you can acquire several items as a reward, such as:

  • Kung LAO Skin ( Intrepid Follower)
  • Legendary Talisman ( Windbreaker)
  • 500 Seasonal Kredits
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