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Explore Everything About Monopoly Go Birthday Dice

In Monopoly Go, dice play a significant role in moving forward on the board.

However, players must get the dice to collect properties, build houses and hotels, and earn money.

In Monopoly Go, Birthday Dice is a free dice that you can get as a gift on your birthday after texting the Customer Service Team.

Continue reading to learn about the Birthday Dice in Monopoly and the steps to get it.

Birthday Dice In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a dynamic board game where players set out on an adventure that takes them to different places.

However, players can collect dice, explore the board, and acquire properties by making different strategies.

claim free dice on birthday
Players can claim free dice on their birthday.

Moreover, you can get unlimited free dice by following different ways and the one way to get free dice is on your birthday.

In Monopoly Go, players receive the free dice as a gift on their birthday which is known to be a Birthday Dice.

This Birthday Dice determines player movement, affects the collection of income, and earns endless profits 

However, earning endless profits is very important for players to progress in Monopoly Go.

Hence, you can also take a lead in the game by collecting the Birthday Dice, making the most of your roll count.

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Players on different social platforms have reported about the Birthday Dice.

They confirm that they have received 500 free dice as a gift on their birthday.

However, you can claim these free dice from the customer support team on Monopoly Go.

 free Monopoly Go birthday dice
Players reporting that they have received free Monopoly Go birthday dice as a gift on social media.

Here is the procedure that you can follow to collect the free dice on your birthday.

  1. Open the Monopoly Go game and click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  2. Tap on the settings option then on the Customer Service button.
  3. Then click the bubble icon in the top-right corner to head to Chat.
  4. Open the Chat With Us option.
  5. In the chat box, write down that it’s your birthday, and then pick the Missing Rewards, selecting the free gift option in the sub-menu.
  6. Moreover, you can also provide proof of your birthday as a screenshot.
  7. You will receive a message from customer service saying that they will review your ticket as soon as possible.
  8. Now, wait until customer service responds.
  9. Receive 500 dice rolls as a gift on your birthday.

However, players need to wait for at least six hours to claim the Birthday Dice.

Ticks And Tricks To Get Free Dice Rolls 

There are numerous strategies that you can apply to get the free dice rolls in Monopoly Go, some of them are listed below.

1. Login Daily

Monopoly Go offers free dice rolls when you log into the game daily.

Moreover, you can also get other additional rewards and exciting prices as your progress increases.

You can get 25 instant free dice rolls after connecting Monopoly Go to your Facebook.

In addition, linking additional social media accounts also provides other bonuses.

3. Inviting Your Friends

When you invite your friend to join the game, you along with your friend will get 30 extra rolls.

But this is only applicable when your friend accepts the invitation.

The Bottom Line

Birthday Dice is essential to move forward and get free rolls without spending any in-game currency.

Moreover, you can also provide your User ID to the customer service team to get the Birthday Dice in less time. 

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