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How To Build Refined Metal Chest In Palworld?

Building a Refined Metal Chest in Palworld refers to unlocking the item in the technology section.

A refined Metal Chest is a refined version of a chest with more armor and protection than a normal chest.

Players are assigned a quest at level 17 to build the Refined Metal Chest Plate in Palworld.

To build the Chest, you need 20 metal ingots, 50 wood, and 20 nails, and you can unlock it at the 39th tab of the Technology.

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What Is Refined Metal Chest In Palworld?

The refined Metal Chest is known to be the superior chest among every chest because of its metal body and strong structure.

Unlocking this chest provides you with a solid inventory to store all your items safely and securely.

This chest proves to be a valuable resource in the game having 40 slots of storage and comes at level 39.

Refined Metal Chest
An image of a Refined Metal Chest in Palworld.

Like most storage items, Transporting Pals will also automatically place items inside it without any manual work.

Therefore, players consider this chest the most valuable and useful item in the game of Palworld.

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Where Is Refined Metal Chest In Palworld?

Refined Metal Chest is recognized as a technology category within the world of Palworld.

You can find this valuable item at the 39th level of the Technology section beside the Shotgun Shells.

When you reach level 17, you will be assigned to a quest where you must unlock the Refined metal Chest.

Hence, find this chest in the Technology tab and fulfill the requirements to unlock the Chest.

Ways To Unlock Refined Metal Chest

Palworld is an exciting and surprising game with new items and resources included in the game.

A refined Metal Chest is one of them as it gives you the facility of storing various resources safely inside it.

To obtain this item, you should meet certain criteria to unlock this item in the Technology section.

Follow these steps to unlock the Refined Metal Chest in Palworld.

1. Hit at least Level 17

You should level up to 17 to be able to unlock this exclusive resource in the game.

Hence, explore the world of Palworld and complete as many quests as possible to reach level 17.

Hit Level 17
You should be 17 level or above to be able to unlock the Metal Chest.

2. Get All The Required Resources

To unlock the Refined metal chest, you need some essential resources to build it in your inventory.

Gather these resources so that you can craft the chest.

  • 20 Refined Metal Ingots
  • 50 Wood
  • 20 Nails

3. Unlock The Refined Metal Chest

After you gather the resources and hit level 17, go to the Technology tab at the 39th level to unlock the chest.

You can find the chest beside the Shotgun chest and unlock it by Left-clicking it there.

4. Craft The Chest

After successfully unlocking the chest, start crafting it by dropping it from inventory to a certain location.

So, find an open space or rather create an extra space as a storage room to build the Chest.

Crafting The Chest
Find an open space to place the chest and use your Pals to craft it faster.

How To Decrease The Time Of Crafting In Palworld?

Crafting or placing certain builds, such as the Refined Metal Chest, can often consume a significant amount of time.

Make sure to use your pals to help you with the build; the more pals engaged, the less time it takes to finish.

Hence, if you have any pals with Builder or crafter skills, prioritize using them to assist you in the build.

Having more workers always accelerates job completion, as a greater number of workers results in faster accomplishment.

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