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Why Does The Master Sword Glow In TotK?

Master Sword is a mighty divine sword that can repel evil, travel across time and shoot light beams.

A common question among players of Tears of the Kingdom(TotK) is why Master Sword emits a glow and under what circumstances this happens.

Master Sword glows for different reasons such as when it is fully charged, fused with another weapon or near a corrupted area or an enemy.

This article will explore everything about Master Sword and its glowing features.

What Is Master Sword?

Master Sword is a legendary weapon in the Zelda series with special power to combat evil.

This Sword is said to be awakened by its holy power in the presence of evil. It symbolizes Link’s courage and destiny to save Hyrule from the dark power.

It is a powerful weapon that does not break but needs time to recharge after prolonged use.

You need to have two full bars of stamina and find the Light Dragon which flies around Hyrule to get the Master Sword. 

Why Does Master Sword Glow?

The Master Sword can glow when it is at its maximum strength. It occurs after a certain amount goes by from the last use.

When it glows, it can deal with more damage and shoot beams of light when Link swings it.

master sword glowing blue
Master Sword glowing blue color.

It becomes stronger and glows when Ganon’s evil influence is nearby, such as Malice or a Tainted Guardian

The Master Sword’s base damage is 30, however, it increases to 60 when it glows. Additionally, the durability of the Sword increases in the glowing state.

The Master Sword glows and does double damage in various situations such as:

  • Anywhere inside Hyrule Castle or a Divine Beast
  • When fighting with enemies such as Demon King or full-size guardians

Do Master Sword Glow In Other Colors?

Master Sword usually glows with a blue light when fully charged, or the Link is in corrupted areas.

However, there are some conditions where it can glow in other colors such as:

  • Red: It glows red when it is fused with a Fire Stone. It increases its damage and fire properties.
  • Green: It glows green when it is fused with a Wind Stone. It increases its range and gives it wind properties.
  • Yellow: It glows yellow when it is fused with a Lightening Stone. It increases its speed and gives it lightning properties.
  • Purple: It glows purple when it is fused with a Dark Stone. It increases its power and gives it dark properties.
master sword glowing in different colors
Master Sword glowing in different colors. Image source: Bing
Note: You can increase the Master Sword Power by completing the Trial of the Sword from the DLC(Downloadable Content) in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, Tears of the Kingdom does not have DLC.

Where And When Does The Master Sword Glow?

The Master Sword glows when Link is in Depths, a dark and dangerous area beneath Hyrule.

Also, when it is near a shrine or a dungeon containing puzzles or a challenge related to the ancient Sheikah technology.

Furthermore, it glows when Link is near a mysterious stone carving, Geoglyph, that can be activated using the Sheikah Slate.

Note: The Master Sword will make a sound when it glows. It indicates that it is ready to unleash its full power.

The Bottom Line

The blade of Master Sword vanquishes evil and can deal more damage and shoot beams.

It glows when it is near evil sources or inside dungeons.

Enjoy the magical strength of Master Sword.

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