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Rogue Trader Elusive Contempt: Battle And Bug

Elusive Contempt is among the legendary Pirate Flagships in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader.

While progressing through the game players should encounter and destroy the ship.

Rogue Trader Elusive Contempt is a pirate ship in which players encounter multiple locations including Lagrenn’s Belt and Latotian’s Passage. Unfortunatley, the ship is bugged as it will leave in the middle of the encounter, and its pirate will spawn when players destroy the ship and do not grant any rewards.

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Elusive Contempt In Rogue Trader 

Elusive Contempt is a ship players will encounter in the Lagrenn’s Belt, Latotian’s Passage, and Silence of Mer-sergit task.

The notorious pirate ship is famous for plundering cargo ships for numerous years, evading patrols, and not yet punished.

Before the battle the Ship’s captain thanks players for the resources of Von Valancius extractiums.

Moreover, the Flagship even enters the warp and its vessel destroys the player’s voidship.

Hence to stop such circumstances, players should battle the pirates and destroy the ship.

rogue trader elusive contempt
Use the abilities and destroy the Flagship.

However, destroying the legendary ship is not easy considering its tough build.

The ship has full Hull integrity of 380 and has a 0% chance of Evasion.

Moreover, the normal hit chance of the flagship is a staggering 89% whereas the Critical rate is 10%.

All of the Ship’s Armour including Fore Armour, Eft Armour, and Port Armour is level 10.

The Ship uses the Goldsbane Lance Weapon and thankfully has no effects or conditions.

Additionally, all four shields of Elusive Contempt have protection of 250 units.

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Rogue Trader Elusive Contempt Battle

When players come across the ship for the first time the Ship will just disappear from the middle of the battle.

However, the encounter still appears on the map but won’t fight back even if players fly over.

Thankfully, on the next encounter, the Ship won’t disappear in the middle of a fight.

However, the Pirates will still appear in the Langrenn’s Belt even after the ship leaves it.

Moreover, before the third encounter with the Ship, the pilot will try to escape and leave players in good company.

If Players still cannot destroy the Elusive Contempt Battle in End of the Elusive Legend.

rogue trader elusive contempt end of the elusive legend
Destroy the Ship in End of the Elusive Legend.

On the Silence of Mer-sergit players must take on the ship for a final time to determine their faith.

Hence, players must play passively, ensure to deploy critical hits and maneuver around the Elusive Contempt.

Rogue Trader Elusive Contempt Bugged

Players can encounter many bugs in Rogue Trader including one with the Elusive Contempt.

In the first encounter, the ship will flee in the middle of the battle; hence it’s almost impossible to destroy it.

If players dismantle the ship in further encounters, there is another bug where pirates still appear on the map when the ship flees.

Moreover, when players explode the Elusive Contempt, its trial will remain on the Koronus Expanse map.

In some cases, players don’t even notifications, completion rewards, XP, or completion rumors.

The Bottom Line

The battle with Elusive Contempt is a great experience to showcase their skill and utility usage.

However, the numerous bugs including the highlighted sector on the same ship annoy many users.

Hopefully, the bug will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix as there were still no updates of Patch 1.01.

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