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Should you Place your Work Desk in the Middle of Room?

The first question that would probably pop up in your mind while setting up the workspace is desk placement. Should the work desk be placed in the middle of the room? Or in the corner?

The placement of the desk depends mainly on personal choice.

However, placing the desk in the middle of the room is a wise idea if you know how to manage it well.

In general, placing the work desk in the middle of the room provides balanced lighting, an optimal working position, plenty of space for two people, and a professional outlook. It is also suitable according to Feng shui principles. 
desk in the middle of room
Placing desk in the middle of the room provides balanced lighting to the entire workspace.

Like every other desk pslacement, the center placement does have its disadvantages which are further discussed in the article.

Furthermore, you will also find some valuable tips on placing the desk in the middle of the room as you read on.

Pros of Placing Work Desk in the Middle of the Room

Placing your work desk correctly is essential for comfortable work time. Moreover, it also determines the whole outlook of your room.

Let’s go through some of the benefits of placing your work desk in the center of the room.

1. Balanced Lighting

You need adequate natural light to be able to work effectively. According to research, natural light boosts your productivity.

While window placement provides maximum lighting to your work desk, it also comes with various disadvantages, like screen and window glare.

Also, no one likes getting bright sunlight directly on their face on a sunny day.

Work from home setup
Placing a desk in the middle of the room may cause screen glare due to bright light entering through the window.

Facing your back to the window also does not spare your computer screen from the sun glare.

So, if you can not turn your face or your back to the window, what would the optimal positioning of your work desk be?

The solution is simple, keep the desk parallel to the windows in your room. This position is easily attainable if you place your desk in the middle of the room.

Using the center placement, you can work in natural lighting all day.

Read on to find out whether you should place the desk in front of the window.

2. Space Available for More People

If you are sharing your home office or working area with others, placing the work desk in the middle of the room is both efficient use of space and cost-effective placement for you.

You can place the desk in the center of your room and use it with your other coworkers by placing chairs on opposite sides.

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3. Optimal Working Position

Some people feel heightened alertness when working with their back to the door as they might not see anyone who walks in. Such a situation creates distractions in their work.

While some people also feel distracted when their desk is placed near the windows, they might keep staring outside.

So, the optimal position to work would be the center desk placement as it is not so close to the window to stare out and can also see the door while working.

Read in detail about placing the desk facing the wall.

4. Good Feng Shui

According to Feng shu principles, the desk should be placed in a commanding position in the room.

This position means you should see the door while working from your desk. However, you should not be seated directly in line with the door.

Working in such a position allows you to see the room while working and also makes you less anxious about anyone entering while you are working.

Desk placement as per feng shui
Placing desk in the middle of room is good according to the Feng Shui principle.

Therefore, you can place the desk in the middle of the room so that you can see the door to draw positive energy.

5. Profesional Outlook

Placing the work desk in the middle of the room provides a more formal look to your home office. You can place some seats in front of the desk and create an office look in your home.

This placement is perfect for you if you have meetings in the room or have clients come to your home for formal dealings.


Cons of Placing Work Desk in the Middle of the Room

It is quite unconventional to place the desk in the middle of the room as it is difficult to reach the power outlets.

Other disadvantages of the center placement of desks are discussed below.

1. Difficulty Reaching the Outlets

Power outlets are generally present in the corners of the room.

Therefore, placing the desk in the middle of the room makes it difficult to reach the power outlet to plug in your computer, laptop, or equipment.

While extension cords can be used, they can create a mess of cables spread to the middle of the room, which is a trip hazard.

2. Takes Up Space

Placing the work desk in the middle of the room can take up lots of space and make your room appear smaller.

So, if you have a small-sized room, placing your desk in the center might not be a good choice for you.

If you have limited placing the desk in the middle of the room creates problems with moving around.

Work desk in center of room
Placing the work desk in the center may take a lot space.

You might frequently bump into the table while moving around. Also, moving around other furniture might be difficult due to the placement.

If you have a small home office, read the article to learn more about Arranging Furniture in your home office to make it more organized.

3. No Separation of Areas

Placing the desk in the middle of the room makes it difficult to separate areas.

Meanwhile, if you set your desk in the room’s corners, one section may be utilized for working while another can be converted into a living room or used for other purposes.

Most rooms have allocated storage areas like shelves and cabinets in the corner of the room.

Placing shelves or cabinets in the middle of the room would also create inconveniences like lack of space and difficult mobility.

Therefore, you might have issues storing essential items like files, books, or electrical equipment like printers.

Things to Consider Before Placing the Desk in the Center

Desk placement should be carefully decided as you are not likely to change the desk placement frequently.

Therefore, here are certain things that you need to consider before placing your desk in the center of the room.

  • Before placing your desk in the middle of the room, consider how much electrical equipment you have to keep plugged on constantly, as cords increase the risk of falling.
  • Consider your room size before placing a desk in the center, as smaller rooms will become more constricted with this placement.
  • Since the center location has storage limits, consider whether you require additional storage while working.
Work desk in the middle of room
Consider your room layout before placing desk in the center of your room.
  • Measuring the size of your desk can aid in determining the best location for it.
  • Consider your room layout. Rooms longer in length than breath are not favorable for placing desks in the middle of the room.
  • Consider your desk shape, as square desks go well with the center positioning but not L-shaped or U-shaped desks.
  • If you want your desk to be parallel to the window and the entryway in the room, face the opposite wall.

Best Tips to Place your Work Desk in the Middle of the Room

Placing your desk in the middle of the room and its management is a bit tricky.

But the following tips will help you create a perfect workspace in the middle of the room.

1. Tips for Hiding Cords

The tangled mess of computer wires and cords for other electrical equipment can make your desk appear cluttered, especially if your desk is in the center of the room.

Therefore, you need to prevent the wires and cables from being the center of attraction and a fall hazard.

Here are some useful tips for you.

Cable Management IdeasBenefits
ZiptiesSimple yet convenient method to tie up all the cables for equipment.
Wiremold Cable Management KitIt can be used as a cord cover to hide the mess of cables on the floor.
Adhesive VelcroAdhesive velcro can bind the surge protector to the leg of your desk.
Cord SplitterEasiest way to use multiple devices at once without running the cords across the floor.
Baseboard ClipsUsed to bind the cords to the wall or floor.
RugsArea rugs can be used over the cords to hide them.
Decorative ItemsDecorative things like vases, desk decors around the cords can hide them.

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2. Lighting for Central Desk

Using lamps or desk lights with wires is challenging for desks in the center. Additionally, it uses more cords.

Furthermore, most desk lamps have shorter cords. Therefore, overhead lighting is the best option for desks in the middle of the room.

These LED Wireless Stick-on Lights are cordless and provide adequate lighting from above. 

The light can be charged and used for up to 20 hours, so inaccessibility to the power supply won’t be a problem.

Read on to find out the best desk light for home office.

3. Storage Area

If you keep your desk away from the wall, you’ll be more likely to keep it clean than ever. So, consider the storage options available in the area.

Place a bookshelf or credenza nearby for extra storage. Under Desk Drawer Storage will also help you keep clutter off your desk with no floor area coverage.

4. Desk Decor

If you want to create a cozy nook, you can put your work desk in a corner, decorate the wall with photographs, or use an overhead shelf to display some plants.

However, decors have limited space if you place your desk at the center of the room.

This does not mean you must work on an empty desk with no decorations.

For instance, you can utilize the tabletop to keep small decors like a mini flower vase or some functional yet cute sticky noteholders.

5. Cover the Back of your Desk

The back of your desk may appear ugly if it has been leaning against a wall for a long time or has been damaged.

To make the back of the desk look good, you can paint it over to match the wall colors or your room’s color palate.

You can also use a wood plank and drill it into the desk to close off the open surface. For a temporary measure, you can use a patterned fabric to cover the back of the desk.

To know more about office desk aesthetics, read the article; 16 Ways to Enhance Your Home Office Desk’s Aesthetics.

Should you place an L-shaped Desk in the Middle of the Room?

L-shaped desks fit well in the corner of the room due to their shape.

They are also generally large in size. Therefore, placing them in the middle of the room is likely to obstruct free movement, especially if it is small.

You should place your L-shaped desk in the corner of your room, but you should face the room while working to have good Feng Shui.

Also, read: How to arrange an L-shaped desk?

Ergonomic workspace
L-shaped fits great in the corner rather than in the center of the room.

Read on to learn everything about Desk Returns.

Final Verdict

Placing the desk in the middle of a room is a unique choice as it offers benefits like co-working space and a professional outlook.

However, you might face some problems regarding managing the cords, storage space, and mobility.

But, with the use of cord covers, zip ties, and additional storage areas, you can easily manage the center placement of the desk.

Continue reading to learn why your desk is always messy and how to organize it.

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