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How To Craft Sword In Palworld?

The sword in Palworld is a melee weapon characterized by a long, sharp blade attached to a hilt

It stands out as an effective tool for engaging in close combat with diverse creatures and challenges.

To unlock and craft the sword, raise your level upto 44 tier of Technology and start gathering resources as required.

You will also have to fulfill all the required resources to unlock or craft the Sword In Palworld.

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What Is A Sword In Palworld?

The sword is a weapon that can be obtained by players through the Technology section in the Palworld.

In the enchanting world of Palworld, the sword stands as a symbol of both defense and adventure.

Players can expect the sword to be a constant companion in their journey throughout the exploration.

The sword remains an essential tool for those seeking both protection and excitement in this delightful universe.

Sword In Palworld
An image of main character in Palworld carrying a sword.
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Requirements For Crafting Sword

Before crafting a sword, you will have to fulfill some requirements to unlock it at the Technology Tab.

The main requirement to acquire a sword is that you need to reach level 44 tier at Technology to unlock it.

Here are the requirements for crafting the Sword.

  • Wood x20
  • Stone x20
  • Refined Ingot x30

You will also need a Crafting Workbench to be able to craft Sword. Choose anyone.

  • High-Quality Workbench
  • Weapon Workbench
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Weapon Assembly Line
  • Production Assembly Line II
  • Weapon Assembly Line II

Ways To Craft Sword In Palworld

To acquire the Sword you need to explore certain locations and gather enough required resources for crafting.

There are more resources that you need to acquire before you start the craft through work benches.

Work Benches require a certain resource that is hard to find and needs a proper step to be followed and accomplished.

Hence, follow these steps to be ready to craft a Sword in Palworld.

1. Get Flame Organ

Flame Organ is an item in Palworld that can be obtained by killing Fox Park Pal at Grassy Behemoth Hill.

Hence, head towards the Grassy Behmoth Hill and search for the Fox Park to obtain Flame Organ.

Flame Parks
You need to kill Flame parks to obtain the flame organ.

2. Collect Ore

At the same location where you collect the Flame Organ, you will find some Ore Stones inside the Jungle.

Pick up your pickaxe and start collecting enough Ores from the stone by hitting the stone.

Collect Ore
These Ores can be found deep in the jungle around other stones in the area.

3. Build Primitive Furnace

After collecting Flame Organ and Ores, now head back to your base and craft a Primitive Furnace.

You can find it at the 10th level of Technology beside the Three shot bow which will cost you some collected resources.

Build Primitive Furnace
Building Primitice Funace is an crucial part as it allows you to obtain Ingots to craft Sword.

4. Use Fox Parks For Furnace Kindling And Craft Ingot

Now start filling the slots of Primitive Furnace with Fox Parks to turn it on so that you can proceed further.

After that craft Ingots in the same furnace by clicking on the Craft Ingots option.

Use Fox Parks For Funace Kindling
Fox Parks are good burner as of their fire skill in Palworld.

5. Unlock A Work Bench 

As mentioned above, now you are equipped with all the resources to be able to craft a Work Bench.

Choose a workbench of your choice and craft it in a certain location around your Palworld.

6. Craft Nails

Craft Nails which can be found at the same place where Primitive Furnace is at level 10 tier of Technology.

Hence, Crafting nails as crafting a sword requires nails and other Resources as well.

7. Craft Sword

Finally, you are equipped with everything you need to craft a sword in Palworld including resources and levels.

Now scroll down a bit and find the sword at level 44 tier of the Technology and unlock it to craft it.

Craft Sword
After following all the steps, now you are ready to unlock and craft sword in Palworld.

Is Crafting Sword Worth?

Yes, of course crafting a sword is worth it as its the best companion for the game having huge damage outputs.

It’s a melee weapon and comes in handy while dealing with strong melee opponents in the world of Palworld.

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