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How To Defeat The Reak In Warcraft Rumble?

The Reak is a campaign boss that players must defeat to progress through the story in Warcraft Rumble.

Furthermore, due to its unique mechanics and time constraints, players may find the Reak a bit hard to defeat.

The Reak in Warcraft Rumble possesses a unique mechanic that takes damage by consuming hostile units. Unlike other bosses, where the players must attack the boss to defeat it, players must feed the Reak with various units to defeat it.

This article discusses the Reak and the method to defeat it in Warcraft Rumble.

Who Is The Reak In Warcraft Rumble?

The Reak is a boss-type monster in the campaign of Warcraft  Rumble.

Players will encounter the monster while going through the hinterlands campaign.

Furthermore, unlike boss monsters, the Reak possesses a unique mechanic when taking damage.

The map containing the Reak will periodically spawn various enemies.

However, they are quite easy to defeat, and players will progress through it easily.

The reak warcraft rumble
The Reak is a boss-type monster in Warcraft Rumble.

During the confrontation with the Reak, the area contains a single ballista that will damage the player’s units from range.

But, like other ballista weapons, the weapon can severely damage the units and even take them out.

Thus, players must deploy various tactics to destroy the ballista first and then proceed towards defeating the Reak.

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How To Defeat The Reak In Warcraft Rumble?

The way the Reak takes damage in Warcraft Rumble is quite unique.

The Reak takes damage as it consumes hostile units. This means rather than attacking the Reak, players must feed it various units.

Furthermore, the damage the Reak takes after consuming the unit is directly proportionate to the unit’s health.

Thus, the best strategy to defeat the Reak is to use units with the highest health pool.

However, since other units will spawn to stop the player’s advances, players must deploy other units to defeat the mob monsters.

This means the players must deploy a strategy to defeat the regular mob monsters and feed the Reak with units with a high health pool.

However, players must also remember that the enemy mob units constantly spawn as the game progresses.

Thus, the players must also constantly send damage-dealing units alongside the high-health pool units.

Here is a list of high-health pool units that the players can deploy against the Reak:

  • Abomination
  • Molten Giant
  • Quill Boars
  • Warsong Grunts
  • Warsong Raiders
defeat the reak with high health units
Feed The Reak with high-health units to defeat it.

There are multiple other units that players can choose to feed the Reak. However, the above-mentioned list tends to get the job done quickly.

Furthermore, a good chunk of the above-mentioned units is free-to-play friendly; thus, give them a good try.

The Bottom Line

The boss monsters in Warcraft Rumble have various mechanics tied to them that the players can leverage to their advantage.

Furthermore, most bosses are not as complicated as players perceive them.

However, the issue is that the time to defeat each boss is relatively low.

Thus, players who fail to defeat the bosses are failing mostly because of the mismanagement of their time.

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