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A Complete Guide To Warframe Melee Influence

Warframe features several new Melee arcanes in the Whispers in the Walls update, including Melee Influence.

Players can add this to their melee weapons to increase the chance for Melee Status Effects.

In Warframe, Melee Influence is the new Arcane enhancement introduced in update 35: Whispers of the Walls in Warframe. Along with the Melee status effect, it can also apply to other elemental effects. 

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What Is Melee Influence In Warframe?

Players can now install Arcanes into their melee weapons with the new Melee upgrade segment.

Melee Influence is a legendary tier melee arcane that is exclusive to Netracells.

Further, it is a rare arcane that can be applied to any melee weapon and it has the following effect.

On Melee Electricity Status: 20% chance for Melee Status Effects to apply to enemies within 20m for 18s.

Melee influence in Warframe
Melee influence in Warframe gives

It means that whenever players inflict an Electricity status effect with their melee weapon, they have a 20% chance to spread that effect.

Additionally, this effect also applies to any other elemental effects on your weapon to nearby enemies.

This can create a chain reaction of crowd control and damage when combining Electricity with other elements like Heat, Cold, or Toxin.

Further, the effect cannot refresh while active meaning that you cannot apply the effect to the same enemy until the previous effect is completed.

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How To Obtain Melee Influence In Warframe?

Players can obtain Melee influence for the melee weapon in Warframe by purchasing it from a vendor.

The Wares and Shiny Treasures vendor in the Cavia Syndicate sells the Melee influence for 10,000 Netracells.

Likewise, it can also be purchased from the market for 100 platinum.

However, players need to complete the Whispers in the Walls quest to unlock these options.

Melee Influence as Bird 3 offerings
Melee influence can be obtained as a Bird 3 offering.

To buy the Melee influence from Bird 3 by ranking up the standing with the Cavia syndicate.

Further, it is a tradeable item that players can trade with other players who have it.

How Does Melee Influence Impact Your Gameplay?

Melee influence adds a significant layer of complexity and crowd control potential to your melee combat.

It impacts your gameplay as:

1. Chain Reactions

Using Melee Influence, you can create a chain reaction of stunning and damaging enemies, making your melee combat more effective and satisfying.

With a 20% chance on every status effect, you can potentially trigger a domino effect of elemental explosions.

Further, it can also debuff on the surrounding enemies.

For instance, triggering viral on one Grineer, spreading it to others, and watching them melt under the blade. 

2. Strategic Builds

You can tailor your Warframe weapon and mods to synergize with specific elemental combinations.

For example, using the ‘Galvanized blast’ and ‘Fever Strike’ along with Melee influence on a heat build can create a strategic chain reaction.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can equip Melee influence into their melee weapons in Warframe to increase the electric damage.

It can be especially useful for weapons that have high electricity damage or status chance such as Afuris Prime.

This is one of the legendary arcane that is exclusive to Netracells to purchase from the Wares and Shiny Treasures vendor.

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